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Medical expert

The foundation of MCC examination content for the MCCQE Part I and NAC Examination.

As medical experts, physicians apply medical knowledge, clinical skills and professional behaviours when providing patient-centered care.

Physicians possess a defined body of knowledge, clinical skills, procedural skills and professional behaviours, which are directed to effective patient-centered care. They apply these competencies to collect and interpret information, to make appropriate clinical decisions and to carry out diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive/health promotion interventions (see MCC Blueprint). They do so within the boundaries of their discipline, personal expertise, the health care setting and the patient’s preferences and context. Their care is characterized by up-to-date, ethical and resource-efficient clinical practice and is delivered through effective communication in partnership with patients, other health care providers and the community. The role of medical expert is central to the work of physicians and draws on the competencies included in the roles of communicator, collaborator, leader and manager, health advocate, scholar and professional.