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Pathways to licensure

Learn about the different pathways to become licensed to practise medicine in Canada.
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Pathways to licensure continue to evolve in Canada. There are variations in the requirements across the provinces and territories.

Currently, there is a pathway to licensure for those who have completed their medical education and training in Canada as well as pathways for international medical graduates (IMGs) and internationally trained physicians.

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) plays an important role in the assessment of physicians on their pathways to licensure and issues the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC), which is a key component of the Canadian Standard. The Canadian Standard sets out the academic qualifications that make an applicant eligible for full licensure. Although licensing requirements are derived from the Canadian Standard, each provincial and territorial medical regulatory authority (MRA) sets its jurisdictional license to practice requirement.

It is these provincial and territorial MRAs that candidates apply to for medical registration and that grant licenses to practise medicine in Canada. Candidates should check with the relevant MRA for requirements in the provincial and territorial jurisdiction(s) they want to practise.

Explore this pathway if you are a student or graduate from a recognized Canadian medical school.

Explore this pathway if you are an international medical student, graduate, or physician interested in becoming licensed to practise medicine in Canada.

The Canadian Standard

The Canadian Standard requires that physicians have the following:

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