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Version: March 2022
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Burns are a fairly common injury to skin or other tissues. Depending on severity, they may be life-threatening or fatal.

Causal Conditions

(list not exhaustive)

  1. Thermal
  2. Electrical
  3. Chemical
  4. Radiation

Key Objectives

Given a patient with burns, the candidate will diagnose the severity and manage any complications. In particular, the candidate will institute initial management of major thermal trauma.

Enabling Objectives

Given a patient with burns, the candidate will

  1. list and interpret critical clinical findings, including
    1. severity, depth, and extent of the burns;
    2. risk of associated inhalation injury or other associated clinical problems; and
    3. the patient’s tetanus immunization status;
  2. list and interpret critical investigations, including laboratory and imaging studies; and
  3. construct an effective initial management plan, including
    1. resuscitating and stabilizing the patient, including the use of appropriate intravenous fluids;
    2. addressing wound care;
    3. providing physiologic monitoring and pain control;
    4. determining whether the patient requires specialized care; and
    5. anticipating medium-term and long-term complications (e.g., psychosocial effects).