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Legal system

Version: January 2017
Legacy ID: 121-5


Knowledge of the Legal System in Canada allows the physician to provide care to patients in the context of federal, provincial and local laws and regulations.

Key Objectives

Given a situation that may result in the involvement of the legal system, the candidate will be able to identify the appropriate laws which apply to the particular situation and access and engage with the appropriate body.

Enabling Objectives

The candidate will

  1. recognize the various sources of laws in Canada (e.g., federal and provincial statutes, the common law, the Civil Code of Québec, licensing and regulatory bodies) as they apply to the practice of medicine;
  2. be familiar with the principles underlying the important court, tribunal and other legal decisions that affect the practice of medicine;
  3. identify situations in which consultation or referral are appropriate (e.g., legal advice, child protection services).