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For physicians

MCC 360 is designed to help physicians improve their practice.
MCC 360For physicians

Get better

MCC 360 is an opportunity to reflect upon your role as a communicator, collaborator, and professional to become an even better physician. You will receive quantitative and qualitative feedback from a cohort of patients and those you work with that you can use to improve your practice.

Individualized actionable feedback

Access to coaching and support

Earn CPD credits

MCC 360 physician experience

MCC 360 is all about helping you become the best physicians you can be—a process that patients, colleagues, and co-workers are more than happy to support. Physicians who take just a few hours away from their practice to complete the MCC 360 are often reassured by the feedback received and identify changes they can make to improve their practice.

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How MCC 360 works

MCC 360 is available to individual physicians for their own professional development as well as to physicians selected to participate by their College or other health care institution.

Delivery of the MCC 360 varies slightly depending on how you enter the program. Follow the instructions below to complete your MCC 360 program.


Log in to your account

Go to the “Get started” email sent from [email protected] and follow the steps to access your account to start your MCC 360 assessment. If you have not received or cannot find this email, contact us.

Complete the self-assessment

Once in your MCC 360 account, complete and submit your self-assessment.


Get feedback from your colleagues and co-workers

Send out surveys

  • Send a survey to at least 8 physician colleagues—select colleagues with whom you have shared patient care within a clinical setting over the last calendar year. They can be specialists that you have referred your patients to or physicians that have referred patients to you. You do not need to know the physician well.
  • Send a survey to at least 8 non-physician co-workers—select a cross-section of non-physician health professionals such as office or clinic staff, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, dieticians, physiotherapists, lab and x-ray technicians, and other health professionals with whom you work or share patients.
  • Your colleagues and co-workers will receive email invitations to complete a survey—they may need to check their junk/spam folders.
  • Sending surveys to additional colleagues and co-workers will help you reach requirements faster and increase the richness of feedback you receive.
  • All colleagues and co-workers are asked to complete the survey within 2 weeks.

Monitor your progress

  • As you wait for responses from your colleagues and co-workers, your MCC 360 account will display real-time updates on your assessment progress.
  • Status updates and reminders will be provided by email and telephone to facilitate the completion of your assessment.

Get feedback from patients

Send out surveys

  • MCC 360 requires the submission of 25 patient surveys.
  • Patients may be encouraged to participate if you explain that their answers will remain confidential and that their perspective is valuable and helps you reach your goal of providing the best possible care—none of the survey questions are related to their personal health information, and you will not know how an individual patient answered any of the questions.
  • It normally takes a few weeks to obtain enough patient surveys, depending on the volume of patients you see.

Online surveys

  • We encourage you to provide the online survey option first because it will help you reach your required quantity of patient feedback quickly. The surveys are smartphone-friendly and should only take a few minutes to complete.
  • Provide patients your unique URL—it is available in the “Get started” email and in your MCC 360 account.

Paper surveys

  • Have patients who are more comfortable completing a paper copy do so in your waiting room. They should seal it in one of the small envelopes provided and hand it to your office administrator.
  • If using paper, you will be responsible for collecting the envelopes containing paper copies of the patient surveys and placing the small envelopes in the larger prepaid postage envelope addressed to the Medical Council of Canada (MCC).
  • Paper surveys and envelopes are only available to self-selecting physicians upon request.
  • Please do not make photocopies of the patient surveys.

Receive your assessment

Once completed, you will receive a summary of multi-source feedback results, outlining the feedback of each responding group. You will also receive a summary of your self-assessment, along with how it compares with the feedback received from your patients, colleagues, and co-workers.


Review and reflect

You will be contacted to schedule a facilitation session to help interpret your report, highlight areas for development, and build a personal action plan.

“MCC 360 is part of our continual learning experience as physicians. It gives us a true picture of our individual practice. After receiving my report, the review with a facilitator was very worthwhile. Even after 46 years in medical practice, I found that there are always areas for improvement.”

Your time investment

MCC 360 requires minimal time commitment, approximately:

  • Up to 1 hour: Complete online self-assessment. Provide us with colleague and co-worker information.
  • Up to 1 hour: Request patient feedback and return completed forms to the MCC.
  • Up to 1 hour: Review your report and reflect.
  • Up to 2 hours: Participate in a feedback and coaching session to help interpret the feedback and build a personal action plan.

Most physicians will complete the process within 2 months of beginning the program. But, because your MCC 360 is dependent on you, your colleagues, co-workers, and patients providing input, there is no timeline guarantee.

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