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National Registry of Physicians

Improving health care access in Canada with integrated and reliable information about physicians.
Credentials and servicesNational Registry of Physicians

A comprehensive source of physician data

The National Registry of Physicians (NRP) brings together data into the most comprehensive physician database in Canada. Built to help transform the health care landscape, the NRP moves us towards stronger health care delivery and collaboration across jurisdictions.

The NRP is set to launch in April 2024, with its initial version accessible to medical regulatory authorities (MRAs) across the country, followed by subsequent expanded releases to various interested parties on a progressive basis.

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Revolutionizing health care access in Canada

Access to centralized physician data

  • Offers access to comprehensive and up-to-date physician information from across Canada in one cloud-based and secure location
  • Consolidates data from provincial MRAs while ensuring their ownership
  • Provides a wide range of physician data, including credentials, specialties, and practice locations
  • Enables accurate, reliable, and secure information exchange through collaborative data management

Improved collaboration and information sharing

  • Allows for collaboration and sharing among health care professionals and policymakers across jurisdictions
  • Facilitates efficient decision-making, reducing delays and potential harm to patients
  • Enhances health care delivery with easy access to accurate physician information
  • Enables rapid response during health crises by identifying specialized physicians quickly

Enabling better health outcomes

  • Promotes improved health outcomes through enhanced collaboration and information exchange nationwide
  • Initial step towards portability of physician credentials, facilitating practice in different regions
  • Supports researchers, policymakers, and health care professionals with valuable data analysis and evidence-based decision-making

Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program

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The NRP has the potential to revolutionize the health care system in Canada, reducing delays and promoting better health outcomes. Imagine a centralized system that enables quick identification of specialized physicians during a health crisis or emergency.

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