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NewsIntroducing the new

Introducing the new

September 15, 2017

Welcome to the Medical Council of Canada’s (MCC’s) newly redesigned website;

Now more visually engaging, the site has also been thoughtfully reorganized for ease of navigation

Behind the scenes

“Prior to redesigning the website, the MCC conducted a thorough review of its previous site and digital communication channels to optimize its strategies and practices” explained Jessica Hertzog-Grenier, MCC’s Director of Communications.

Following this review, the website content was streamlined and mapped to uncover any gaps.  The MCC team also investigated the way in which target audiences interact with its various web platforms;,, and to ensure that the new possessed a look and feel that resembled its sister sites.

The redesign project benefited from consultations with both external and internal content experts. The MCC’s Service Sesk staff, who interact with users and candidates every day, were a valuable resource in determining the content. It was also important, to the organization, that the new site deliver a positive and engaging experience to its primary audience. That said, the MCC was mindful of the fact that many other stakeholders also browse their website, such as partner organizations, medical educators, researchers, and members of MCC’s committees and Council across Canada. The new was, therefore, designed to be a crowd pleaser.


From the alluring colours, eye-catching images and engaging effects to the hierarchy of the information presented; every detail of the new site was hand-picked and integrated to enhance the user experience.

What’s more? Each section of the website features key aspects of the MCC’s various initiatives.

Read the MCC’s story, get to know its partner organizations, browse though its publications or explore the Council’s governing bodies. This section will tell you everything you want to know about the Medical Council of Canada.
Information on each of the MCC’s examinations, including resources to help candidates, is now easily accessible. Intuitive navigation menus, “Read more” and “Continue to” next page buttons, make it easier for candidates to navigate the site.
“The Objectives are the basic attributes expected of medical graduates entering residency and independent practice in Canada” explained Tanya Rivard, Senior Test Development Officer at MCC. They were recently revised and updated to reflect current medical practice and education. “They now include psychosocial aspects of medicine and professional behaviours, such as communication and will also align with the launch of the MCC’s new Blueprint, coming in 2018.”
The MCC is a national and worldwide leader in research and development, psychometrics and medical assessment. Our subject matter experts often provide support and share their knowledge with a variety of groups. This includes publishing technical reports, research reports, presentations, etc. It can also mean funded support through grants.
This section highlights the MCC’s many exciting projects and collaborations, including the new Qualifying Examination Blueprint, coming in 2018, all in one interactive location.
Here visitors will find details on the many candidate services that MCC provides, including credential storage and sharing with provincial medical organizations.

The new website is designed to reach all potential visitors anytime, anywhere. It meets the latest accessibility standards and adheres to best practices in today’s website design. It is also designed to be “responsive” to different devices.

Social media savvy visitors will appreciate the fact that they may quickly link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube from icons featured at the top and bottom of each page. They can also read the organization’s latest Tweets directly from the home page.

The MCC plans to publish several more “topic of interest” articles such as this one, on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned!


Are you having difficulty finding something on the site? For this and any other questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected].