The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) grants a qualification in medicine known as the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) to graduate physicians who have satisfied the eligibility requirements and passed the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Parts I and II. The MCC registers candidates who have been granted the LMCC in the Canadian Medical Register.

For eligibility to sit the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I, graduates of medical schools outside Canada and the United States, referred to on this site as International Medical Graduates (IMGs), as well as graduates from U.S. Schools of Osteopathic Medicine must first pass the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE). IMGs with specialty certification in Canada or the U.S. may be granted an exemption from the MCCEE.

The National Assessment Collaboration (NAC), which reports to the MCC’s Council, offers an examination that tests the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for entrance into residency training programs. This exam is offered to IMGs through provincial IMG assessment programs

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and the MCC are collaborating on a new and expanded format for the Certification Examination in Family Medicine.

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