About us

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) strives to achieve the highest level of medical care for Canadians through excellence in evaluation of physicians. It assesses over 11,000 medical students and graduates every year through its examinations. Its exams are offered in both official languages in sites across Canada, and in the case of the MCCEE, in over 500 locations in 80 countries. The MCC is also a leader in verifying and storing physician credentials, which the candidate can share with medical organizations across Canada.

The MCC maintains the Canadian Medical Register, in which medical graduates are inscribed when they fulfill the MCC’s requirements. Additionally, the MCC supports research and development to ensure it remains at the forefront of innovation in medical assessment.

Our story: find out more about the MCC’s background, including the spark that led to the creation of the MCC in 1912, and its important role in the Canadian medical community.

Message from the Executive Director: meet Dr. Ian Bowmer, Executive Director of the Medical Council of Canada.

Vision, mission and strategic goals: learn about the MCC’s strategic directions.

MCC and the route to licensure: discover the pathway to obtaining a licence to practise medicine in Canada, and how the MCC fits into the route to licensure.

Governance: read about the MCC’s governance structure, its by-laws, its Council members and its committees, including the Executive Board.

Awards and fellowships: find out more about the MCC’s Outstanding Achievement Award, the Louis Levasseur Award, and the W. Dale Dauphinee Fellowship.

Publications: discover the MCC’s publications, including its newsletter and Annual Report. You can also learn more about the Deans’ Reports and the Assessment Review Task Force report.

Special projects and collaborations: learn more about the MCC’s special projects and collaborations, including the National Assessment Collaboration and the Blueprint project.