Medical Council of Canada

Exam Day

Exam Day

If you are taking the fall 2018 MCCQE Part I, please click here. The information below applies to the 2019 MCCQE Part I sessions.

This page provides an overview of what to expect on the day you take the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I.

What to bring to the MCCQE Part I?

You will need to bring two pieces of valid government-issued identity documents (for example, a passport and driver’s licence with your photo and signature) to the Prometric test centre. A university student card will not be accepted. The name on the documents must match your account name. If the names do not match, please contact the MCC through your account as soon as possible before your exam appointment.

If you do not have proper identification, you will not be allowed to take the exam and your exam fee will be forfeited.

What not to bring to the MCCQE Part I

You are not allowed to bring any materials with you into the exam room, including writing materials. A dry erase board and whiteboard marker will be provided.

Use of notes, books, mobile phones, cameras, pagers, watches with memory capability, or any other mechanical or electronic transmitting device is not allowed while the exam is in progress. Also, food and drinks are not allowed in the exam room. Before the exam begins, you will need to deposit these items in a secure personal locker at the Prometric test centre. Food, drinks and medication can be left in a common area indicated by Prometric site staff.

If you require access to personal items (medication, assistive equipment, food, etc.) you should submit a request for test accommodations.

Arriving at the Prometric test centre

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled exam start time. If you are late for your scheduled appointment, you may not be allowed to take the MCCQE Part I, in which case your exam fee would be forfeited.

If you are not sure where your test centre is, or if you forgot the time and date of your exam, you can find this information at any time on the Prometric website. To access this information, you will need the 16-digit confirmation number that was given to you when you scheduled your exam appointment. If you forgot your 16-digit confirmation number, you will need to contact Prometric directly as the MCC does not have access to this information.

When you arrive at the Prometric test centre, you will be asked to:

  • Present your two pieces of identification
  • Sign in
  • Store your personal belongings in a secure locker

Prometric will be conducting inspections of all accessories that you are wearing, e.g. eyeglasses, jewelry, hair accessories, etc. These inspections, which are being conducted to detect whether these accessories contain camera devices, will be done at check-in and upon return from breaks. If you are caught in possession of a camera device while entering or once inside the exam room, the accessory will be confiscated, and your exam will be terminated.

You may also be required to provide fingerprints for entry into the exam and again when you exit the exam. Fingerprinting helps guard against exam fraud and proxy testing.

After you have signed in, a Prometric staff member will lead you to your assigned computer in the exam room.

Duration of the MCCQE Part I

The exam session includes your registration, an online tutorial with a video on test security, 4 hours in the morning to complete a component of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 3.5 hours in the afternoon to complete a clinical decision-making (CDM) component. A mandatory one-hour lunch break is scheduled between the MCQ and CDM components. If you have a pre-approved test accommodation that requires you to have additional time to complete the exam, the time will be allocated to both the MCQ and CDM components.

Taking the MCCQE Part I

The exam begins with a short video on test security that you are required to watch and a brief tutorial showing how the exam delivery application works.

During the morning session, there are a total of 210 MCQs. Since you are given four hours to complete the MCQ session, we suggest that you spend on average no more than 1 minute and 14 seconds per question. Please note that as of 2018, the MCQs are presented in one single block (i.e., the MCQ portion of the exam no longer has sections). You can flag questions and return to those questions at any point during the MCQ component of the exam.

For the afternoon CDM component, you are presented 38 cases for a total of 65-75 questions. We recommend that you spend no more than an average of five minutes and 50 seconds per case. Cases with three or more questions may require more than the average amount of time, and cases with only one question should require less than the average amount of time. You do not have a time limit for each case but are given a total testing time of 3.5 hours for the CDM component. You will be able to flag questions within a case and return to those questions at any point during the CDM component of the exam.

The computer will track how much time you have left. The computer’s clock cannot be stopped once you begin the exam. Your exam is over when you submit the exam or run out of time, whichever happens first.

You are not allowed to leave the exam room before submitting the MCCQE Part I unless a Prometric staff member accompanies you. No outside contact is allowed during the exam session.

When the exam is over, please sign out and retrieve your personal belongings from the locker. You will be given a test completion notice confirming that you have taken the MCCQE Part I. This notice does not include your score or results.

Reporting illnesses and incidents

If there are emergent circumstances that you believe may significantly affect your results, such as procedural irregularities or illness, you must:

  • Communicate your concerns to a Prometric test centre administrator on site, who will complete and submit an incident report on your behalf
  • In the case of illness, proceed to a doctor’s office to obtain a medical assessment
  • Submit a message through your account detailing the incident within one week of your scheduled exam appointment

Note: Concerns relating to exam day occurrences cannot be investigated after one week of your scheduled exam appointment. You may also be required to provide additional information and documentation.

Conduct and behaviour

You will be monitored by Prometric staff when taking the exam. MCC will video record (with or without audio) the invigilation of the MCC exam in accordance with the MCCQE Part I Terms and Conditions you accepted at time of application. Where video cameras are installed, notices will be posted informing you that the session is being recorded. Any personal information captured in these recordings will be treated according to the MCC Privacy Policy.

Talking to other candidates is not permitted in the exam room, and access to any communication or transmitting devices, including phones or tablets, during the exam is not permitted. You must complete the MCCQE Part I on your own; providing or receiving assistance with completion of the MCCQE Part I is prohibited and a breach of the MCCQE Part I Terms and Conditions. If you appear to be giving or receiving information during the exam, the person in charge of the exam can change your location in the exam room or immediately terminate your exam. Prometric staff members must make a full report of all such occurrences to MCC.

All MCCQE Part I materials, including the content and questions comprising the MCCQE Part I, are protected by copyright and are to be kept confidential. You are permitted to use the MCCQE Part I materials solely for the purpose of completing the MCCQE Part I. You must not disseminate, reproduce, share or reveal to others the exam materials and content, in whole or in part, at any time in any way, even after the exam ends. Comparing exam content and question themes with your colleagues, sharing content with future exam candidates and posting content online are considered breaches of confidentiality.

Any breach of the MCCQE Part I Terms and Conditions will be considered irregular behaviour for which MCC may take appropriate action, in accordance with the MCCQE Part I Terms and Conditions you accepted at time of application.