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ProProctor check-in 

What you can bring and the check-in process for your remotely proctored MCCQE Part I or TDM Examination.
Examinations and assessmentsProProctor check-in 

Items you must have ready at launch

You must have two pieces of valid government-issued identity documents ready for image capture and validation by the Prometric readiness agent when you launch your remotely proctored exam. If you do not have proper identification, you will not be allowed to take the exam and your application fee will be forfeited.

The documents must:

  • Include your photo
  • Include your signature
  • Match the name in your account. If the name(s) on your document(s) do not match the name in your account, please contact the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) through your account as soon as possible before your exam appointment.
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Examples of accepted forms of identification:

  • passport
  • driver’s licence

Examples of not accepted forms of identification:

  • university student card

Personal items in the secure exam area

To ensure the integrity and security of the exam, on exam day when you check in with the Prometric readiness agent, you must disclose all items that you will have with you in your secure exam area. These items must be presented for an unobtrusive visual inspection through your camera. The Prometric readiness agent will ask you to remove all unapproved items from the secure exam area prior to the launch of your exam.

Items that do not need advance notice

Certain items are pre-approved by Prometric to bring into the exam area. 

View full list of pre-approved items

Water may be brought into the test room during an exam if:

  • It is in a clear and transparent container with a lid or cap
  • All labels are removed from the container

The container will be inspected for notes or other test aids during the security check.

No other beverages are permitted. Should you require a non-water beverage, you must request a test accommodation.

Items that require test accommodations

Items such as medications, medical devices, communication aids, mobility devices and other items not specified in Prometric’s pre-approved items list, will require test accommodations to bring into the secure exam area.


  • breast pumps
  • syringes/needles
  • use of a standing desk
  • food
  • non-water beverages

Any medical device requiring smartphone or transmitting technology in the exam station can only be delivered at certain Prometric test centres and is not available through remote proctoring.

Learn about test accommodation requests

Items not permitted in the secure exam area

Certain items are not allowed in the secure exam area after launch.

  • coat
  • keys
  • wallet
  • purse
  • documentation of any kind
  • jewelry, including watches (wedding rings are permitted)
  • large bags
  • phones/smartphones
  • non-wired headphones

These items must be left outside the secure exam area.

You can take unscheduled breaks during the exam, to access food, non-water beverages and/or medication.

Unscheduled breaks must be managed within the allocated exam time. The routine security scan and sign-in process must be completed upon re-entry to the secure exam area.

Ensuring your exam starts smoothly

System requirements and connectivity

As Internet connectivity is variable across the country and around the globe, Prometric’s system readiness check helps validate your Internet speed and system requirements in advance. We highly recommend a stable, wired connection. If using Wi-Fi, ensure your workstation is located where the Internet signal is strongest. We also recommend you turn off and disconnect all other devices that share the Internet.

ProProctor user guide

The ProProctor user guide provides details on how to launch your exam, including environmental requirements, checking-in and getting started with your exam. We recommend reviewing this document prior to the exam to become familiar with the processes and to ensure you follow any recommended steps.

The latest version of the ProProctor application

Please ensure that you have the latest version of the ProProctor application downloaded to the device you plan on using to write the exam. If you have downloaded the application in the past, you should delete the version you have on your device and download the newest version.

You will know that you are on the most current version when a green ProProctor icon is added to your desktop after you have downloaded it. When you launch the application, you should see the “Connect to Exam” page where you are prompted to enter your confirmation code and last name.

Before starting your exam

Take time before your exam to remove any items not permitted as indicated in the list above, and place them outside the secure exam area. Please be ready at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of your exam. If you are late for your scheduled appointment, you may not be allowed to take your exam, in which case your application fee will be forfeited.

Once seated and the secure exam area clear, please proceed to the ProProctor website.

If you need to retrieve the time and date of your exam, please refer to the Confirm option on the Prometric website. To access this information, you will need the 16-digit confirmation number that was given to you when you scheduled your exam appointment. If you have lost your 16-digit confirmation number, you will need to contact Prometric directly as the MCC does not have access to this information.

Using the ProProctor platform and getting assistance in French

The ProProctor platform displays in English by default. If you would like to switch the language to French, simply click on the “Change Language: English (US)” button on the top left corner of the platform and select “French.” You cannot change the language of the exam to French on exam day.

If you are taking the remotely proctored exam in French, proctors and technical support staff will be available to assist you through the chat function in French between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time (ET), Tuesday through Saturday. If you experience technical difficulties after 6 p.m. ET, an English-speaking proctor and technical support staff will be available to assist you.

Supervision of candidates

Prometric will record a high-resolution video feed for each candidate that combines both proctor and candidate video/audio. Candidates are also recorded in the test centres. These recordings are used to support candidate investigations and exam security reviews.

You will be supervised by one or more proctors. In case of an escalation, a security agent will review any concerns raised by a proctor. The security agent may also review the candidate’s current video where a concern was raised, while the proctor continues to monitor the candidate.

Taking breaks during the exam

Before leaving on a break, you must first send a chat to your proctor to notify them. The chat feature to communicate with the proctor remains available during breaks. If you do not receive a reply, you may communicate with the proctor by voice. You can leave the camera view only once the proctor has acknowledged your request to go on break.

Experiencing disconnections from ProProctor

During your 9-hour exam administration, you may experience (a) disconnection(s) from the Internet.

  • Disconnection less than 30 seconds
    To mitigate the frequency of disconnections, the ProProctor platform has a resilience feature. This means that if you experience a brief Internet disconnection that is less than 30 seconds, you will not be disconnected from the application, and therefore will not be required to complete the check-in process again.
  • Disconnection lasting longer than 30 seconds
    If you experience a disconnection that lasts longer than 30 seconds, you will need to manually reconnect to your exam. You can log back into the exam through the portal once connectivity is restored and will need to repeat the check-in process with a readiness agent and proctor. You will return to the spot where you were disconnected. No exam time is lost.

Technical difficulties reconnecting to your exam

There is a technical support link to follow for technical issues during your remotely proctored exam if you experience any difficulty reconnecting to your exam. The link will take you to an online chat screen. If you are unable to access the chat feature to seek technical support, you can leave the exam room to retrieve a mobile device. You can use it to access the Prometric technical support page and contact the ProProctor technical support team via chat.

  • English technical support is available through the chat function 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Eastern Time (ET).
  • French technical support is available through the chat function Tuesday through Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.

If the remote proctoring session is interrupted or abandoned, you must follow the process and requirements to report an exam incident.

Exam termination

If a security concern is flagged or noticed, the proctor will involve a security agent. The security agent will investigate the issue and may terminate the exam as outlined in the policies determined by the MCC. You will be informed that the exam is being terminated.

If an exam is terminated due to a security concern, the incident will be investigated by the MCC. The security agent is not required to call the MCC prior to terminating an exam.