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NewsIntroducing the PE-Lite: a brand-new Preparatory Product

Introducing the PE-Lite: a brand-new Preparatory Product

February 25, 2021

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) is proud to add another Preparatory Product to its list of high-quality resources available to assist candidates in preparing for the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I: the Preparatory Examination-Lite (PE-Lite).

The PE-Lite

Now available for purchase within our Practice Test Portal, the PE-Lite closely replicates the experience of the MCCQE Part I, and offers all the same features as the full-length Preparatory Examination (PE), but with half the questions. This new product allows you to test your knowledge with 105 Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and 19 Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) cases, as well as providing you with question-level feedback, including the correct answer(s), a detailed rationale and references.

You may choose to take the PE-Lite in timed exam mode, or at your own pace, and you’ll become familiar with many of the same features and functions as the actual exam such as flagging a question and highlighting options. A marking key is provided for the write-in CDM questions, allowing you to mark yourself, which helps you gain a deeper understanding of what the MCC is looking for in a good answer to a write-in CDM question. Instructions on how to interpret your results will also be provided when you complete a practice test product.

All of the content in our Preparatory Products, including the PE-Lite, goes through the same rigorous development process as the official exam content. The questions are developed by MCC subject matter experts and refined and approved by physician test committees. Practice content follows the MCCQE Part I Blueprint specifications and content weightings similarly to actual MCCQE Part I exam forms and is relevant to the current realities of medical practice in Canada.

The PE-Lite is a great resource to further enhance your preparation and develop familiarity with both MCQs and CDM question formats as well as content areas so that on exam day you can focus on proving you have mastered the material.

We wish you the best in your preparation for the MCCQE Part I.

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About the MCC’s Preparatory Products (2021 fees):

  • One PE is available for purchase featuring 210 MCQs, 38 CDM cases and costing $520
  • One PE-Lite is available for purchase featuring 105 MCQs, 19 CDM cases and costing $325
  • Three CDM test forms are available for purchase – each featuring 14 CDM case scenarios with one to four questions per case and costing $120
  • Three MCQ test forms are available for purchase – each featuring 100 MCQs and costing $120
  • All Preparatory Products include the correct answers
  • All test takers will have the opportunity to provide feedback on their practice test experience via an online survey. Our aim is to enhance the practice test experience based on this valuable input.
  • Organizations interested in purchasing a group of MCCQE Part I Practice Tests on behalf of their test takers should visit our bulk purchasing page for more details.