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NewsDr. Kevin Eva to chair Task Force on Assessment Innovation

Dr. Kevin Eva to chair Task Force on Assessment Innovation

December 3, 2020

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) is pleased to announce that Dr. Kevin Eva will chair the recently formed Task Force on Assessment Innovation.

“I’m truly honoured by the opportunity to work with the august individuals on this Task Force who will cast a critical look on how the assessment of physicians in Canada needs to evolve to achieve the state of the art in this domain,” says Dr. Eva.

Recognizing the need to update its exam content and delivery, the MCC initiated the Task Force in November 2020. The group, that will have up to ten members and report to the MCC Council, is being given a one-year mandate to:

  • Review the evolving landscape of health-care delivery
  • Identify new core physician competencies required with a focus on patient outcomes in light of the move to virtual and technology-enabled care
  • Liaise with partner assessment organizations on appropriate assessment modalities and a collaborative approach to delivery
  • Inform future strategic planning activities for the MCC

It is anticipated that the Task Force’s work will result in an updated assessment approach including both content and delivery model recommendations that could be implemented as early as 2022.

Appointed by the MCC Council, Dr. Eva will bring his wealth of knowledge on medical education to the role.