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NewsCommitment to diversity and inclusion takes root at the MCC

Commitment to diversity and inclusion takes root at the MCC

December 5, 2019

In a constantly evolving world and workplace, supporting diversity and inclusion has never been more crucial. Following our 2019 spring exam session, we were alerted to a candidate’s concerns about MCC’s security verification policies not being followed at their exam site and the overall experience of those wearing religious head coverings. The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) is using these concerns as an opportunity to reinforce the importance of diversity and inclusion in all of its operations and at all levels of its organization. We can always do better.

But what does diversity and inclusion really mean?

Diversity involves capturing the uniqueness of the individual; inclusion values and respects individuals for their talents, skills and abilities to the benefit of the collective.  To ensure our teams have a shared understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion, the MCC partnered with a renowned leader — the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion — in July to help develop, define and implement a renewed commitment to diversity that is adapted to the organization.

Since then, the MCC has:

  • Implemented executive training in July 2019 and conducted a survey to help shape MCC’s Diversity and Inclusion policy
  • Executed training to all staff by November 2019
  • Communicated with all MCC ambassadors at exam sites through a one-page statement to request their ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion

Quotation marks

Whether you work at the MCC in Ottawa, or at our examination sites across Canada or internationally where we administer exams, our Diversity and Inclusion policy applies to you. In it, we not only describe our commitment to inclusivity, but we also define key terms and outline examples of behaviours and practices to ensure a positive and inclusive exam experience for all.”

Dr. Maureen Topps,
Executive Director and CEO, MCC

A draft MCC Diversity and Inclusion policy was presented to the Executive Board at the Annual Meeting in September 2019 and its concepts and principles have been the subject of an ongoing dialogue with all staff, site staff and stakeholders using several channels, town hall meetings and internal communications. Once finalized, the highlights of this policy will be shared broadly.

Looking ahead on our diversity and inclusion journey

The MCC is taking a multiphase approach to its diversity and inclusion initiative.

“There is always room for feedback and improvement on this important initiative. We value open and transparent communication and the sharing of information with our staff and MCC ambassadors. So I am certain our approach to diversity and inclusion will continue to evolve over time,” said Dr. Maureen Topps.

Starting in January to July 2020, the MCC plans to:

  • Communicate clearly and consistently with exam sites on the MCC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and the MCC’s expectations
  • Create a taskforce to:
    • review processes, practices and policies to ensure they reflect MCC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion
    • provide recommendations to facilitate and encourage candidate reporting of any incident
    • enable on-site training for new and current locations with ongoing commitment to future diversity and inclusion initiatives

Ultimately, the MCC strives to achieve the highest level of medical care in Canada through excellence in the assessment of physicians.