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Test accommodations for the TDM Examination  

The process for requesting test accommodations is similar across the MCC examinations, but there are important differences and considerations to be aware of when requesting a test accommodation for the TDM Examination.
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Test accommodation request deadline

Your completed Test accommodation request form and supporting documentation should be sent to [email protected] as soon as possible after applying to the exam with your Practice-Ready Assessment (PRA) program.

A test accommodation may not be possible if the required documentation is not received at least one week before scheduling opens.

Scheduling your examination

Test accommodations must be reviewed and programmed with Prometric before an appointment can be scheduled. You will receive a message in your account when you can schedule your exam appointment with Prometric.

If you have been granted test accommodations, you must schedule your exam appointment by phoning Prometric’s special needs booking line for the geographic region in which you want to schedule. Do not attempt to schedule your appointment online.

Prometric’s staff will assist you in scheduling an exam appointment that can support the delivery of the granted test accommodations. While Prometric will make every attempt to accommodate your scheduling preferences, exam appointments that support the delivery of test accommodations are subject to availability, and specific exam times and/or exam modalities cannot be guaranteed.

Late requests

If you request a test accommodation after you have scheduled an exam appointment, you will be instructed to cancel the existing appointment as test accommodations cannot be added to existing standard exam appointments. Once the appointment has been cancelled, send the required documentation to [email protected]. You will be able to reschedule after the test accommodation request has been reviewed.