Medical Council of Canada

Document status legend

Document status legend

You can check the status of the medical credential documents you have submitted to the MCC for source verification by clicking Documents on your homepage and selecting a specific document.

The following messages and labels are used to describe the status of your documents:

Not submitted You started a Source Verification Request (SVR) but no payment has been made.
Not received Your documents have not been received by the MCC.
Received Your documents have been received by the MCC.
Received and viewable online Your documents have been scanned and are now viewable through your account.
Under review Your documents are presently being reviewed by MCC staff.
Reviewed and not accepted Your documents have been reviewed but not accepted due to errors. A message will be sent to your account with further instructions.
Reviewed and accepted Your documents have been reviewed and accepted by the MCC.
Ready for submission to ECFMG Your documents will soon be sent electronically to the ECFMG.
Submitted to ECFMG  Your documents have been sent electronically to the ECFMG.
Received by ECFMG Your documents sent electronically to the ECFMG have been received.
Sent for source verification Your documents have been sent by the ECFMG to the issuing institutions.
Resent for source verification The institution has not responded to the ECFMG; your documents have been resent to the institution by regular mail.


The package the ECFMG received from the institution was not complete; the ECFMG has sent another request to the institution

Verification returned – passed Your documents were successfully source verified.
Verification returned – rejected Your documents were rejected. You will receive a message through your account with more information.