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W. Dale Dauphinee Fellowship

W. Dale Dauphinee Fellowship

Established in recognition of Dr. W. Dale Dauphinee’s contributions to the Medical Council of Canada from 1970 to 2006


The W. Dale Dauphinee Fellowship is intended to support the vision of the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) by supporting medical educators to enhance their knowledge and skills in physician assessment. The fellowship will enable the recipient to visit and work with leaders in assessment to study or gain experience in the application of new knowledge or techniques or to further their pursuit of a project related to the assessment of physician knowledge, skills, behaviours, and attitudes relevant to the effective practice of medicine. Applicants are expected to outline a plan for how the skills and knowledge gained throughout this fellowship will benefit Canadian medical education on a national level. A plan for the dissemination of these skills and knowledge should be included in the application.


Applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Hold a Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) and either (1) hold an appointment at a Canadian faculty of medicine or (2) be a clinical or research fellow/scholar pursing extra training in medical education (not residents) at a Canadian institution.
  • The clinical or research fellow must identify a senior mentor; this mentor does not need to be affiliated with the same institution.
  • Be a PhD educator in medical education at a Canadian faculty of medicine.

Applicants must have received either dedicated protected time or formal leave from their dean in order to pursue further studies in assessment for medical education, certification, continuing professional competency or psychometrics, or to pursue a formal graduate program in education.

Applicants must reside in Canada or must be returning to a faculty position at a Canadian faculty of medicine. Preference may be given to first-time recipients.


The selection will be determined through a peer-review process managed by the MCC’s Research and Development (R&D) Committee. The selection is based on the overall merit of the application and the way in which the proposal meets the described objects. Specifically, the Committee will assess the following:

  • The applicant’s past experience and involvement in assessment or medical education
  • The support of the institution
  • Demonstration of benefit to the home faculty
  • The quality of the program to be undertaken
  • Specific learning objectives on tasks that will be undertaken
  • Plan for dissemination of skills and knowledge gained within a broader Canadian context


Up to one fellowship, valued at $25,000, will be offered biennially.

Terms of applicability

The duration of the fellowship will normally be for one year. An amount equivalent to half the fellowship will be given at the beginning of the study period and the remainder upon receipt of the final report at the end of the fellowship. The award can be used to supplement financial assistance granted from other sources. Consideration may be given to requests to take the fellowship in two six-month periods.

Closing date

The application submission closing date will be June 1. Ideally, awards should begin the same year as the application. The fellowship can be disbursed over two calendar years to match a particular study program.

Information required

  • Letter of introduction
  • Letters of support:
    • From the Dean of your Faculty of Medicine
      • In the case of clinical fellows, if a letter of support from the Dean of your Faculty of Medicine is not available, a letter of support from the division/department head will be accepted
    • From a medical educator in the home faculty
    • From the institution accepting the applicant
    • In the case of clinical fellows, a letter of support is required from the senior mentor indicating their willingness to provide oversight for the duration of the fellowship
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Completed application form

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • This fellowship is not restricted to redemption at Canadian faculties of medicine. The recipient could conduct their research outside of Canada provided the centre they plan to visit is a recognized centre of excellence in the field of study.
  • Applicants will receive an acknowledgement, one to two weeks after the deadline for receipt of applications.
  • All applicants will be notified of the final decision following adjudication by the Research & Development Committee.


To submit your application : please fill out the W. Dale Dauphinee Fellowship application form.

Past Recipients


2019 Dr. Parisa Rezaiefar, University of Ottawa
2018 n/a
2017 n/a
2016 n/a
2015 Dr. Beth-Ann Cummings, McGill University
2014 Dr. Debra Pugh, University of Ottawa
2013 Dr. Susanna Martin, University of Saskatchewan
2012 Dr. Debra Pugh, University of Ottawa
2011 Dr. Michelle Gibson, Queen’s University
2011 Dr. Brent Kvern, University of Manitoba
2008 Dr. Claire Touchie, University of Ottawa


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