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NewsSeeking 15 engaged physicians for MCC 360-Saegis Feedback and Coaching Program pilot

Seeking 15 engaged physicians for MCC 360-Saegis Feedback and Coaching Program pilot

July 11, 2019

Saegis and the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) are working together to engage physicians interested in being a part of a personal and professional development opportunity. The pilot of the MCC 360-Saegis Feedback and Coaching Program will begin in October 2019, and we are seeking 15 enthusiastic participants.

MCC 360 is a national multi-source feedback program evaluating physician workplace performance in their CanMEDS roles as communicator, collaborator and professional. Up to this point, participation in the MCC 360 program has been limited to organizations that wish to nominate their member physicians. In October 2019, for the first time, beginning with this pilot program, MCC 360 will be available to individual self-selecting physicians interested in insights into their existing strengths as well as tangible information they can use to improve their practice. These physicians will also earn continuing professional development (CPD) credits in the Assessment category through participation in this program.

Multi-source feedback involves looking at performance from a 360-degree perspective. A set of surveys is at the core of MCC 360; these surveys are completed by physician colleagues, non-physician co-workers and patients. The participating physician also completes a self-assessment.

The responses are aggregated and analyzed to yield a report that has both quantitative feedback and narrative, qualitative feedback from those who know the physician’s work best, including patients. Research from the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) shows that 4 in 5 participating physicians made practice changes based on patient feedback.

Once you receive your report, Saegis will pair physicians with a trained physician coach to help impartially interpret the feedback, highlight areas for development, and build a personal action plan.

“Sometimes it is hard to understand our strengths and opportunities because we are so invested in the results, and it is difficult to view them objectively or see connections between different aspects of the report. Facilitation gives us the chance to get the most out of the feedback,” said Dr. Shelley Howk, a peer feedback facilitator who works with the physicians receiving reports from the CPSA.

The CPSA research also found that the part of the process physicians appreciated most was the facilitation session during which they reviewed their MCC 360 Report with a trained peer-physician. The MCC 360-Saegis Feedback and Coaching Program allows for 2 one-hour sessions: the first immediately after your report is received, and the second 4-6 weeks after the first session, or as appropriate for each individual’s needs.

You will be able to earn up to 15 CPD credits through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or the College of Family Physicians Canada when you participate in this self-select model*.

Dr. Claire Touchie, Chief Medical Education Officer at the MCC explains, “we all know it can be a drag to take time away from our practice and spend the money to go to a conference or a workshop in order to collect the credits we need outside of the medical expert role. Credits in the Assessment category are even harder to get. MCC 360 can be done as part of your regular workflow and you could earn up to 15 credits* in the Assessment category (CFPC)/MOC 3 (RCPSC). The self-assessment, and collecting input from your colleagues and co-workers, is easy, and while the patient component requires a little more effort, it’s by far the most valued once you see the report.” She goes on to say, “the feedback is so actionable and applicable to your practice, you don’t get anything like this from conference attendance.”

Physicians participating in this MCC 360-Saegis Feedback and Coaching Program pilot will be asked for feedback on their personal experience and use of their multi-source feedback data. The MCC and Saegis aim to enhance the experience based on this valuable input.

The discounted pilot fee is $1,250.



  • Earn up to 15 CPD credits in the Assessment category
  • Individualized feedback, including valuable narrative comments from patients
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to interpret results and build an action plan


*As opposed to being nominated to complete the program on behalf of an organization, for which up to 12 credits may be earned.

**Le CMC 360 est actuellement disponible en anglais seulement. La version française pourrait être lancée début 2020.


Interested? Sign up or ask a question about participation in the October pilot by emailing [email protected] today!

Learn more about MCC 360.