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NewsPractice tests that get you closer to the exam experience

Practice tests that get you closer to the exam experience

February 15, 2019

This year, the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I will be administered to candidates around the world. This change was the stimulus for the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) to develop a suite of high-quality preparatory resources aimed at assisting International and Canadian Medical Graduates to be well prepared for the exam.

The first of its kind Preparatory Examination (PE) is a full-length simulation of the MCCQE Part I, consisting of 210 Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) and 38 Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) cases. This unique study aid, now available for purchase, provides question-level feedback; what the correct answer is, alongside a detailed explanation. The PE also allows the test taker to choose either timed exam mode (replicating most closely the exam experience), or self-paced mode.

Practice test products go through the same rigorous development process as the official exam content. The questions are developed by MCC subject matter experts and refined and approved by test committees. That means the content of the PE was assembled following the MCCQE Part I Blueprint test specifications similarly to actual MCCQE Part I test forms.

Also available in the MCC’s Practice Test Portal, built in 2018, are MCQ and CDM Practice Tests; each type of Practice Test features a small bank of either MCQ questions or CDM cases, and there are three different forms of each test type offering different questions to try.

Learn more about the features and benefits of our Preparatory Products by visiting this page.

Fees from the purchases of Preparatory Products are reinvested into improvement and maintenance; new questions are developed by test committees, and old content is routinely reviewed to ensure it remains relevant to the current realities of medical practice in Canada.

All test takers will have the opportunity to provide feedback on their practice test experience via an online survey. The MCC’s aim is to enhance the practice test experience based on this valuable input.

As an MCCQE Part I candidate, you are invited to consult our Exam preparation resources web page containing information about the MCC’s Practice Test Portal as well as free online resources, including sample questions and instructional videos, frequently asked questions, and more.