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NewsMCC investigation into potential content breach

MCC investigation into potential content breach

November 9, 2017

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) is committed to ensuring the integrity of our examination process. We take any accusation of misconduct seriously and investigate all irregularities, whether uncovered by our quality assurance processes, or by reports from candidates, members of the medical community or members of the public.

After being apprised by two sources of a potential breach of clinical skills exam content, the MCC initiated an in-depth investigation with MCC legal counsel, a professional investigative firm and MCC staff. The results gave us reason to believe that an exam preparatory course with operations across Canada is utilizing copyrighted and proprietary exam content as part of the course.

A legal process is currently underway. We have a high level of security throughout our exam processes. But we take all potential breaches of content seriously because we play an important role in protecting the public.

The work of a physician depends on the public having confidence in their qualifications, which are assessed throughout their careers including through the MCC’s examination process. Individuals with access to any test materials in advance of an examination may possess a significant advantage over their peers. Divulging any part of an examination, in any manner, is strictly prohibited and is a clear breach of professionalism.

The MCC has a prescribed course of action we undertake to resolve any irregularity. Reviewing these types of reports is part of our normal, post-exam quality assurance process. We remain confident in our quality assurance processes.

The legal process is still in the early stages. The MCC will not hesitate to take all appropriate actions to continue to ensure a high level of quality in our examination system. Any findings will be brought to the examination governing committee.