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NewsMCC Blueprint Project 2023

MCC Blueprint Project 2023

June 23, 2023

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) has recently undertaken a review and revision process for the blueprints of its two large-scale examinations: the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I and the National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Examination.

Each MCC examination is based on a blueprint, which describes the test content, emphasis and weighting. Blueprints serve multiple purposes, including ensuring consistency between examination forms, guiding the development of test items, and assisting test-takers in test preparation and performance feedback. Examination blueprints undergo periodic revisions to ensure they accurately reflect the evolving landscape of medical practice and assessment priorities. Transparent and valid examination blueprints are essential, not only for the development of exams but also for candidates preparing to challenge MCC examinations and for university programs responsible for undergraduate curricula.

The goals of the Blueprint Project are to:

  • Review the MCCQE Part I blueprint, including its various content dimensions, definitions and weightings, and make appropriate revisions
  • Align the NAC Examination blueprint with the MCCQE Part I blueprint while establishing a weighting specific to the purpose and format of this examination
  • Identify new and emerging competencies relevant to entry into postgraduate training in Canada and practice-ready assessment (PRA) programs in Canada

In the coming months, the Blueprint Project team will gather data from a diverse range of sources including national surveys, literature and document reviews, focus groups, and key informant interviews. This comprehensive data collection process will go beyond traditional medical expertise and examine the importance of emerging societal and technological competencies in medical practice. The insights gathered will be presented, in late 2023, to an arms-length subject matter expert panel charged with making recommendations to the MCC on the nature of its revised blueprints.

As part of the data collection process, the MCC is surveying residents, residency educators and members of the public across the country. Ipsos, a renowned national research partner, has been contracted by the MCC to conduct surveys, focus groups, and key informant interviews to find out more about the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of physicians as they transition into residency.

This comprehensive review and revision process demonstrates the MCC’s commitment to maintaining the quality and relevance of its examinations, ultimately benefiting aspiring physicians, educational institutions, and the healthcare system as a whole.