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NewsMCC 360 recognized as a Health Standards Organization Leading Practice

MCC 360 recognized as a Health Standards Organization Leading Practice

July 9, 2020

MCC 360 is proud to be included in Health Standards Organization (HSO)’s Leading Practices Library of global peer-reviewed leading healthcare practices. HSO, and its affiliate Accreditation Canada, have been identifying and publishing Leading Practices for over 15 years.

MCC 360 has met all criteria as an innovative practice which demonstrates a positive change, is people focused, safe and efficient. Leading Practices are shared with the public, policy makers and organizations seeking to enhance the quality of health services for all.

A multi-source feedback tool for practising physicians, MCC 360 delivers actionable and meaningful feedback on physician performance in their roles as a communicator, a collaborator and a professional. The physician receives a comprehensive snapshot of their performance in these roles through the eyes of the people most relevant to their everyday practice. For many who have used MCC 360 to date, it is the narrative responses from patient, co-worker and colleague respondents, as well as the delivery of the results by a facilitator that have proven to be the most valued aspects, giving physicians the tools to deliver the best possible care to their patients.

This recognition by a reputed international organization highlights the MCC’s expertise in the field of physician assessment as well as the positive impacts of MCC 360 on the physicians who participate in the program.

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