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Tuition tax credit 

Examination and service feesTuition tax credit 

Applicable examinations and ancillary fees

The tuition tax credit applies only to:

  • All Medical Council of Canada (MCC) examinations (MCC Evaluating Examination [MCCEE] and MCC Qualifying Examination [MCCQE]) taken since 2011
  • All National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Examinations taken since 2014
  • Eligible ancillary fees related to examinations:
    • MCCQE Part I: Change fee, eligibility extension fee, and scheduling fee
    • NAC Examination: Change fee and scheduling fee

The full examination fee and up to $250 of ancillary fees will appear on the tuition tax credit receipt.

Accessing your tuition tax credit receipt

The tuition tax credit receipt is made available in your account by the end of February of the year following the year the exam was taken. For example, the tuition tax credit receipt for an exam taken in 2021 would be available in late February 2022. Once the tax receipt is in your account, you will receive a message in your account that it is available for you to print.

To access your receipt:

  • Log into your account
  • Go to Documents
  • If available, the tax credit receipt document will be visible

Paper copies of the tuition tax credit receipt are not available from the MCC.


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