Medical Council of Canada

Prometric scheduling overview

Prometric scheduling overview

Instructions for scheduling your examination appointment with Prometric


Schedule: Go to On the Medical Council of Canada’s landing page on the site, you will find links on the left-hand navigation panel labelled Schedule, Reschedule, Cancel and Confirm. Please ensure you select an action within your preferred delivery mode; at a test centre or remote proctoring.

Click on Schedule.

Note: If you wish to change or cancel a scheduled examination appointment, rather than schedule an appointment, you would instead click on Reschedule or Cancel. You would then be requested to enter your Confirmation Number (obtained at the time of scheduling the original examination appointment) rather than your Authorization To Test (ATT) number (Eligibility number).


On the next two screens, you will be asked to review important information regarding the examination and to agree to Prometric’s privacy policy.

Eligibility Information: You must then enter your ATT Number (Eligibility number), as well as the first four letters of your last (family) name.

Your ATT number (Eligibility number) will be provided in the email from the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) that will be sent to you once your Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I application is accepted. You will also be able to check your ATT number (Eligibility number) at any time through your account.

Once you have submitted this information, you will be able to begin the scheduling process.

Note: If the first four characters of your family name contain special characters, please follow the steps below:

  • Last name less than four letters: Add two or three letters and click on Submit
  • Accent: Add the appropriate accent
  • Apostrophe: Add a space to replace the apostrophe
  • Hyphen: Add the hyphen
  • Period: Add the period
  • Space: Add the space


Exam appointment: Follow the prompts to display available appointments based on your preferred time/date/location. Please select an appointment from the list available.

Once you have selected your appointment, click on the bottom right-hand corner to proceed to the next page.

Profile information: Your name and contact information will appear on the screen.

Please ensure the email is your preferred email account to receive your confirmation number.

Note: You will be advised that the name and contact information on this screen must match the name and information on the piece(s) of valid, government-issued, photo-bearing identification that you will be required to present to Prometric staff during the check-in of your scheduled appointment. Any changes or corrections to your name or contact information must be made through your account well in advance of the scheduled examination day. The information would then be automatically updated with Prometric.


Appointment verification: Verify the information provided on the screen and click on Complete Appointment.

Note: Your examination date, time and delivery model will only be reserved and confirmed once you click on Complete Appointment.

Appointment summary: On this page you will be presented with the 16-digit Confirmation Number of your examination appointment. This information and the next steps specific to the delivery mode you have chosen, test centre or remote proctoring, will also be e-mailed to you. If you wish to reschedule or cancel your exam appointment, you will be required to provide this Confirmation Number. Also, this number will be required to view your appointment information (date, time and delivery mode, etc.).


MCCQE Part I delivery method requirements

Requirements Remote proctor Test centre  Details
Site availability n/a Go to Prometric’s Locate a Test Centre page to search for a test centre available in your area
Ability to schedule online or by phone
Rescheduling or cancelling an exam appointment You can reschedule/cancel your exam, free of charge, up to 48 hours before your original scheduled appointment. If you reschedule or cancel your appointment fewer than 48 hours, your application fees will be forfeited.
Image capture of candidate’s face
Two valid (non-expired) government-issued identity documents (IDs) available and ready to present IDs expired after February 2020 will currently still be accepted as valid ID
Social distancing policies (e.g., spacing between workstations, masks, etc.) n/a See Prometric’s Social Distancing policies, which are continuously updated
Exam Day
Environmental requirements (e.g. room, desk, etc.) n/a See Prometric’s ProProctor User Guide for details
Note taking – 2 pieces of scratch paper & pen/pencil
Note taking on an electronic scratchpad In the remote proctoring environment, starting with the MCCQE Part I October 26 to November 8 session, candidates will have access to an electronic scratchpad during their exam. They will access this scratchpad in the same manner that they access the chat feature.
45-minute flexible break Break between the MCQ section and CDM section of a regular exam appointment
Unscheduled breaks The timer will continue to count down during an unscheduled break; security check-in required upon re-entry
Ear plugs
Food/Beverages x x Candidates needing food/water must take an unscheduled break or wait for their 45-minute flexible break
French speaking proctors x Currently, only English proctors are available for remote-proctored exams. The user interface is however available in French.
Physical distancing policies n/a See Prometric’s Social Distancing policies, which are continuously updated
Technical requirements (e.g. screen resolution, operating system, web browser, Internet, power source, etc.) n/a See Prometric’s ProProctor User Guide for details