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Scheduling with Prometric 

Step-by-step instructions on how to schedule your MCCQE Part I or TDM Examination appointment with Prometric
Examinations and assessmentsScheduling with Prometric 

Go to the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I Prometric landing page or the Therapeutics Decision-Making (TDM) Examination Prometric landing page.


Find the section for the language (English or French) and modality (test centre or remote proctoring) you want for your appointment. If you are looking to schedule with French staff, you must select an appointment on Tuesday through Saturday that starts at 8:30 a.m. or 9:00 a.m.


Click schedule under the section of your language and modality preference.
If you want to change or cancel a scheduled examination appointment, click on reschedule or cancel instead. You will then need to enter your confirmation number received at the time of scheduling your original examination appointment (this is different than your Authorization To Test (ATT) number or eligibility number).


On the next two screens, you will be asked to review important information regarding the examination and to agree to Prometric’s privacy policy.


You will be prompted to enter your ATT number (eligibility number), which is provided once your application has been reviewed and accepted.

How to find your ATT number:


    1. In your account, click Examinations in the left panel.
    2. Select MCCQE-I from the middle panel. This will open the current examination panel where you can view your ATT number

TDM Examination:
You will receive a message through your account that includes your ATT number.


You will also be prompted to enter the first four letters of your last (family) name. If the first four characters of your family name contain special characters, please follow the steps below for last names with:

  • Fewer than four letters: Enter your full last name. Do not add any spaces or extra characters.
  • Accent(s): Add the appropriate accent
  • Apostrophe: Add a space to replace the apostrophe
  • Hyphen: Add the hyphen
  • Period: Add the period
  • Space: Add the space

Follow the prompts to see the available appointments based on your preferred time, date, and location. Appointment times are displayed using a 12-hour clock (a.m./p.m.) and offered in different time zones. When choosing your appointment, check that you have the correct time zone and appropriate time.


Select an appointment from the list of those available to book. Click on the bottom right-hand corner to proceed to the next page.


Your name and contact information will appear on the screen. Check to confirm that the:

    • Email is your preferred email to receive your confirmation number.
    • Name and contact information on the screen match the name and information on the piece(s) of valid, government-issued, photo-bearing identification that you will be required to present to Prometric staff during the check-in of your scheduled appointment.
      • Any changes or corrections to your name or contact information must be made through your account well in advance of the scheduled examination day. The information would then be automatically updated with Prometric.

If the information is correct, click Complete Appointment. Your examination date, time, and modality will only be reserved and confirmed once you click Complete Appointment.


On the Appointment summary page, there will be your 16-digit confirmation number for your examination appointment. Your confirmation number and the next steps specific to the modality you have chosen (test centre or remote proctoring) will also be emailed to you. You will need your confirmation number if you want to view your appointment information to cancel or reschedule your appointment, if required.