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Data request procedure 

Request examination data or information from the MCC to support research.
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Requesting data from the MCC

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) is proud to support research initiatives and endeavors to fulfill requests for examination information. Please note, the MCC is only able to share certain information. For example, examination content, such as questions and answers, is not available to external parties.

Follow the procedure below to request data from the MCC.


Submit your request

Provide the MCC with details, the purpose, and a two-page (maximum) briefing about your project by completing the data request form.

 Complete the data request form


MCC review

The MCC will review your request and may reach out to you to ask for clarification or additional information about your request. The MCC will advise you if your request has been approved. Please note, the initial review of the request may take several weeks to complete.


Data-sharing agreement

If your request has been approved, the request will be formalized with a data-sharing agreement. The data-sharing agreement will:

  • Prohibit the information being used for purposes other than the approved purpose and may require the information to be kept confidential
  • Require that if the use of examination information or examination data result in any publications and/or presentations, they must be approved in writing by the MCC prior to dissemination
  • Outline appropriate timelines that are agreed to by the MCC and the requestor

Payment and data/information release

Upon payment of a cost-recovery fee and in accordance with the agreed-upon timeline, the MCC will begin work to release the data/information to the requestor. The cost-recovery fee will vary depending on the request and will be communicated in advance. Payment must be made in full prior to the start of any work required.