Medical Council of Canada

Reminder: Notification for Canadian medical students / graduates — account fee

Reminder: Notification for Canadian medical students / graduates — account fee

July 24, 2018

Starting in October 2018 with the opening of the application to the 2019 Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I, the fee to set up a physiciansapply.ca account for Canadian medical students/graduates (CMGs) will be applied in two instalments: one at the time of their MCCQE Part I application, and the remainder at the time of their MCCQE Part II application.

The physiciansapply.ca account provides anytime, anywhere access to a secure, web-based process for applying to services within the medical community, including applying to Medical Council of Canada (MCC) examinations. All candidates coming into the medical system use a physiciansapply.ca account.

The first instalment, payable at the time of CMGs’ MCCQE Part I application, will be fixed at $85. The second instalment, payable at the time of the MCCQE Part II or Application for Medical Registration (AMR), will cover the balance (for 2019: $205).

Currently, CMGs pay their physiciansapply.ca account fee in full when submitting an AMR to one or more Canadian medical regulatory authorities. The change in timing of payment of the account fee will be introduced because not all CMGs use the AMR in their physiciansapply.ca account. When this occurs, they also forego the payment of their physiciansapply.ca account fee.

The MCC is seeking to address this imbalance, as the fees to maintain the physiciansapply.ca system need to be shared by all users. This account fee is used to cover the cost of administering physiciansapply.ca accounts, as well as to make ongoing system improvements to the user experience and features offered.

Please note that it is only those applying for the MCCQE Part I for the first time as of October 2018 who will follow this new model of account fee payment. The current model will remain in place for those who have already started the exam process at the MCC, including those who first applied for the MCCQE Part I before October 2018, and those who either failed or withdrew before October 2018.