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Become a physician examiner

Become a Physician Examiner

The National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Examination consists of a series of stations based on presentations of clinical scenarios. Each station includes a brief written statement which introduces a clinical problem and directs candidates to appropriately examine a standardized (simulated) patient (SP). In all stations, a Physician Examiner (PE) is present to observe and assess the patient-physician interaction.

Eligibility requirements to become a PE

At minimum, physicians must be senior residents (PGY-4 +) at the time of the exam; must have their LMCC and be practising medicine in Canada with recent experience supervising clerks and/or PGY1s and/or experience as an examiner at this level of training.

How it works

The NAC exam is offered twice/year in multiple cities across Canada. It is a one-day exam, which runs in March and September. PEs may choose to participate on one or more exam days throughout the year.

PEs must complete:

  • a 30-minute online training program (prior to exam day);
  • an orientation session on exam day to calibrate scoring.

Benefits of becoming a PE

  • Provide a valuable service to medical education and assessment in Canada
  • Earn CPD credits and an honorarium (including a certificate indicating the educational activities accomplished throughout the examination process)
  • Meet and interact with fellow physicians
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment from this learning opportunity
  • Have an opportunity to provide feedback on exam content

Apply to be a PE

Please email and indicate your city of residence and your preferred exam session (March or September) if you would like to become a physician examiner!