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Application and eligibility

Application and Eligibility

Eligibility requirements

You can apply to the MCCQE Part I as a medical student or graduate.

Your medical school must be accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) or the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) (in the U.S.) for you to challenge the MCCQE Part I directly, without first having to take other MCC exams.

If your school is not accredited by CACMS or the LCME, but is accepted in Canada as per the World Directory of Medical Schools, or is a U.S. School of Osteopathic Medicine, you must first pass the Medical Council of Canada Evaluation Examination (MCCEE) before applying to the MCCQE Part I.

When you apply, your  account will guide you through the process and indicate the documents that you need to submit as part of your application.

To be eligible as a student:

You must be expected to fully complete all medical degree requirements by the following dates:

  • Spring session: by Nov. 30 of the same calendar year
  • Fall session: by March 30 of the following calendar year

Please note, that if you are a Canadian medical student or a U.S. medical student, you will also be required to submit a certified copy of a valid/non-expired passport.

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To be eligible as a graduate:

Your medical degree/diploma must be in progress of source verification or have been successfully source verified.

Please note, however, that if you are a Canadian medical graduate, you will also be required to submit a certified copy of a valid/non-expired passport.

If you are an international medical graduate (IMG), a U.S. graduate, or a graduate from a U.S. School of Osteopathic Medicine, and ONLY if you have not already done so, you must create a source verification request through your account, and submit a copy of your final medical degree diploma.

Note: Completed source verification of the diploma (verification returned – passed) is required for eligibility to apply to the Medical Council of Canada Part II.

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Reapplying for the MCCQE Part I

If you previously applied as an international medical student (IMS), a U.S. medical student, or a student from a U.S. School of Osteopathic Medicine and your expected date for completion of medical degree requirements has changed since you first submitted your student attestation form, you must submit a new form.

If you previously applied as a student and are now a graduate, you must submit a copy of your final medical degree (diploma) to the MCC and a source verification request through your account. If you previously applied as a graduate and you have already submitted your final medical degree diploma for source verification, you are not required to resubmit the diploma.

Canadian medical students or graduates are typically not required to submit additional documents as re-applicants to the MCCQE Part I.

Limited exam attempts

You may take the MCCQE Part I up to a maximum of four times. You cannot and will not be able to retake the exam if you have a pass result. A one-year waiting period will be required between the third and fourth attempt. After four attempts, in exceptional personal circumstances, you can request to the CEC for special permission to make a fifth attempt.

Exam attempts before 2018 do not count towards the total limit; the count will start in 2018. As well, a result of “no standing” will not count as an attempt. However, failing or a status of “denied standing” will be considered attempts.

Processing of your application

If the MCC has previously reviewed all of the necessary documentation, you may receive quick notification that your MCCQE Part I application has been accepted. Otherwise, please allow up to three weeks for your application to be processed.

Late applications

If you apply to the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I after the main application deadline, late fees will apply.

Online application after Thursday, July 12, 2018 and up to 11:59 p.m., Eastern Time (ET) on Monday, July 23, 2018.

Fee: $1,658 (includes a 50 per cent late fee)

If you are applying online after Thursday, July 12, 2018, please submit the required paper documentation to us within 10 business days. This will allow us to complete our review in time for the main centre assignment.

Online application for the fall 2018 MCCQE Part I will close at 11:59 p.m., ET on Monday, July 23, 2018. Applications for the fall 2018 session will no longer be accepted after that date.

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Accessibility and test accommodations

If you have a documented disability or special need (including access to medication/a medical device on exam day), you may be able to receive accommodations to help you take the MCCQE Part I. Visit the accessibility and test accommodations page to learn more.

Can I be notified when application opens to a future session?

If you would like to be notified when application opens for a future session, please submit your email address by clicking on subscribe above.

Will the MCCQE Part I change?

As of 2018 and 2019, we will be making changes to our examination program, impacting all examinations including the MCCQE Part I. For more information on these changes, please visit