Medical Council of Canada

Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals

Vision, mission and strategic goals


Striving for the highest level of medical care for Canadians through excellence in evaluation of physicians.


With the key stakeholders, the Medical Council of Canada:

  • Develops, validates and implements tools and strategies to evaluate physicians’ competence; and
  • Maintains a national registry of physicians and their qualifications throughout their professional careers.
  • Strategic goals

    • Provide the qualification (Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada) for entry into practice.
    • Initiate and promote, with partners, a national integrated strategy of assessment of physicians throughout their careers.
    • Initiate and promote innovation, research and development in assessment and evaluation.
    • Maintain the Canadian Medical Register and promote, with partners, the development of a national registry.
    • Maintain and promote liaison with competent provincial, national and international organizations in assessment and evaluation.
    • Be an open, transparent, responsive and accountable organization.