Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ)

The multiple-choice questions (MCQ) component to the MCCQE Part I consists of seven sections, with 28 questions each, for a total of 196 questions. The maximum time allotted for this component is 3 ½ hours.

Each multiple-choice question has a stem and five options, of which only one is correct. An option is selected by clicking either the circle next to the options or clicking on the text of the option. You can change your answer by simply selecting a different option. Points are not deducted for incorrect answers. Once you submit the answers to a particular section, you will not be allowed to return to that section.

Certain questions have pictorial material presented in the form of photographs, diagrams, x-rays, electrocardiograms, and graphic or tabulated material.

Click here to read the candidate instructions for the MCCQE Part I multiple-choice questions component.

MCQ example

    1. A 36-year old man has a 4-week history of a generalized, intensely pruritic papular rash. He is otherwise well. His 9-year-old son also has itching. On examination, there is a generalized rash consisting of excoriated papules and vesicles on wrists, sides of fingers, arms, and buttocks. No other abnormalities are noted. Which one of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

radio_btn    Neurodermatitis
radio_btn    Impetigo (poderma)
radio_btn    Pityriasis rosea
radio_btn    None of those listed
radio_btn    Scabies