Medical Council of Canada

Name Change

Name change

If your name has changed and you wish for your new name to appear on your account, you must complete the Name Change Request Form and submit it with the required documentation.

Signature change

If your signature has changed, you will be required to submit a sample of your new signature by completing the Name Change Request form.

Name change on your LMCC documents

Please note that Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) document replacements due to name changes are issued as “Duplicates of Original as Amended”. Replacement documents for reasons other than a name change are issued as “Duplicates”.

To have your name changed on your LMCC documents, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete a Name Change Request form and send it to the MCC by courier accompanied by:
    1. A legal, notarized order or other name change document (certified as a true copy of the original) confirming the former and new names
    2. The original LMCC documents (Testamur and Certificate of Registration)

      NOTE: If you do not have your original LMCC documents, you must provide a statutory declaration (i.e., affidavit) certified by a lawyer or a notary public stating the reason why (e.g., documents lost, stolen, destroyed, etc.). The declaration must also state that if the original Certificate of Registration and/or Testamur is/are subsequently located, the original(s) will be returned to the MCC by courier.

  2. Complete a Service Request form to replace and pay for both documents.

The MCC reserves the right to request additional documentation if needed.