Medical Council of Canada

Dr. Louis Levasseur Award

Dr. Louis Levasseur Award

The Dr. Louis Levasseur Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to a Council, staff or committee member of the Medical Council of Canada (MCC), past or present, or to a person whose collaboration has contributed in an extraordinary manner to the vision and mission of the MCC.

This award is named for the former Chair of the Central Examination Committee, Dr. Louis Levasseur, who for 26 years personified an unwavering commitment to the objectives of Council. He embodied the qualities and accomplishments that precisely characterize both the activities and type of person this award is intended to honour.

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Past Recipients

2017 n/a
2016 Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull
2015 Dr. Oscar Casiro
2014 Dr. Georges Bordage
2013 Dr. Ramses Wassef
2012 Dr. Dennis Kendel
2011 Dr. W. Dale Dauphinee
2010 Dr. David Blackmore
2009 Dr. Thomas Maguire
2008 Dr. Gordon Page
2007 Dr. Jacques Étienne Des Marchais
2006 n/a
2005 Dr. Larry Ohlhauser
2004 Dr. Ernest Skakun
2003 Dr. Ian Bowmer
2002 Charles Fremont Scott, Q.C.
2001 Major General John W.B. Barr, M.D.
2000 Dr. John Baumber
1999 Dr. Michel Bérard