Medical Council of Canada


Evidence-based reports

The new Blueprint was developed based on evidence gathered through substantial, nation-wide research that included the following:

Report of the National Survey of the Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, and Public in Canada: 2013

A national survey of health-care practitioners and the public to identify the relative importance of physician knowledge, skills, and behaviours at the following two key points in their career: upon entry into residency; and, upon entry into independent practice.

Report of Incidence and Prevalence of Diseases and Other Health Related Issues in Canada

A report on the prevalent health conditions affecting Canadians and the health-care environment today.

Report on the Supervision of New PGY-1 Residents: A Case Report of Supervisors’ Expectations vs. Residents’ Perceptions project

A report on supervisors’ expectations vs. first-year residents’ perceptions of level of supervision for entrustable professional activities (EPAs).

Report to the Medical Council of Canada on Current Issues in Health Professional and Health Professional Trainee Assessment

A report on current issues in the assessment of physicians.

This research formed the basis for a draft Blueprint created by a pan-Canadian group of subject matter experts (SMEs).