Medical Council of Canada


Process and timeline

The Blueprint Project has followed a carefully planned process of research, consultation, and collaboration. The information below outlines the project’s steps and ongoing timeline. For a visual timeline, please visit the infographic.

MCC Blueprint Project Timeline

October 2011
  • Report, Recalibrating for the 21st century: Report of the Assessment Review Task Force is unanimously approved by the MCC Council
  • Blueprint project is launched to address the recommendations of the report
June 2012
  • First meeting of the Blueprint Board of Governance
July 2012
  • Medical community experts participate in Delphi questionnaire on competency statements
February 2013
  • Launch of national survey to obtain feedback on the importance of various physician skills and competencies
  • Members of the public, recent LMCCs, medical educators and allied health professionals participate in survey
May 2013
  • 12 SMEs convene for three-day workshop
  • SMEs provide judgments concerning the skills, knowledge and attitudes that should be assessed at the two decision points: entry into residency and entry into independent practise
  • Drafts of new Blueprint and examination content specifications are created
June-December 2013
  • MCC holds consultations with important stakeholder groups on the draft Blueprint
  • MCC receives feedback from other professional associations on the draft Blueprint
  • The first sets of new content based on the new Blueprint are tested
September 16, 2014
  • New Blueprint report, Qualifying Examinations Blueprint & Content Specifications, is presented to the MCC Council and unanimously approved
January 2015
  • MCC test committees begin drafting and design of new examination content
2015 – 2016
  • New examination content is developed and piloted
Spring 2017
  • Launch of exam preparation resources for candidates taking the 2018 examination based on the Blueprint
Spring 2018
  • Launch of enhanced MCCQE Part I based on the Blueprint
Fall 2018 / Spring 2019
  • Tentative launch of enhanced MCCQE Part II based on the Blueprint