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MCC Examination Objectives Medical expertLegal, ethical and organizational aspects of medicineConfidentiality


Version: February 2017
Legacy ID: 121-4


Confidentiality is a key component of the patient-physician relationship. The need for confidentiality is present in every encounter.

Key Objective

The candidate will recognize the need for confidentiality and the circumstances where confidentiality must or may be breached.

Enabling Objectives

Given that confidentiality is a key component of the practice of medicine, the candidate will

  1. implement in all professional encounters, the ethical and legal aspects of confidentiality;
  2. know the exceptions to confidentiality and when it must or may be breached (e.g., duty to report, prevention of harm);
  3. know the limitations in the consent to release information (e.g., extent of information released to third parties, time restrictions);
  4. recognize the duty to inform patients about mandatory disclosure (e.g., communicable diseases);
  5. recognize the challenges to confidentiality posed by electronic medical records.