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Centre Selection

Centre selection and assignment

The National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Examination is held twice in March and September. The exam is offered in English across the country, except when offered in Montreal, it is available in both English and French.

How do I select my centre preference?

During the application process to the NAC Examination, you will be asked to choose up to three exam centres in order of preference. You do not have to take the exam in the province where you will be applying for residency.

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) will make every attempt to accommodate your centre preferences. If you choose only one centre, your likelihood of being assigned to it will not improve. You will also be asked whether you would accept being assigned to another centre if the MCC cannot accommodate your centre choices.

How do I report a scheduling conflict to the MCC?

If you have a significant scheduling conflict, you must send a message through your account when you apply to the exam, or at the very latest before you are assigned to your centre. The request must be accompanied by supporting documentation. If it is approved, a centre change request fee will apply.

How will I be notified of my centre assignment?

You will receive a message through your account on your centre assignment in late January (for the March session) or in mid-July (for the September session).

If you indicated in your application that you would not accept assignment to another centre outside of your choices, and the MCC could not accommodate your preferences, we will withdraw your application. The application fee will be returned to the credit card used at the time of payment, otherwise a credit will be applied to your account. The examination withdrawal fee will apply.

If you indicated in your application that you would accept assignment to other centres, we will assign you to the nearest available centre.

Approximately two weeks following centre assignment, we will send you a message through your account on your entrance card package with instructions on how to view and print it.

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Can I request a centre change after centre assignment?

We will make every attempt to accommodate the centre preferences that you indicated when you applied to the exam.

Given that spaces are limited at each centre, please note that it will not be possible to request a centre change after centre assignment.

How do I withdraw my NAC Examination application?

If you are assigned to take the examination in a given session and you wish to delay taking it until a future session, you will need to withdraw your application and reapply. For more information, see how to withdraw your NAC Examination application.