Medical Council of Canada

MCQ candidate instructions

Multiple-choice question component

Instructions to candidates

During the next four hours, you will be presented with a series of 210 multiple-choice questions (MCQ), of which 35 are pilot questions that do not count towards your total score. While the pilot questions are not scored, they are not identified as non-scored in the exam. We encourage you to do as well as you can on every question.

All the questions are presented in a single block. You may navigate freely between all MCQ. You are only required to submit the MCQ portion of the examination once, when you have completed the MCQ component and are ready to submit, or when your allotted time expires. You may not go back once you have submitted your examination.

Each multiple-choice question has a stem and five options, of which only one is correct. You can select only one answer. An option is selected by clicking either the circle next to the option, or clicking on the text of the option. Points are not deducted for incorrect answers, so you should always answer even when you are unsure.

Certain test items will have pictorial material presented in the form of photographs, diagrams, x‑rays, electrocardiograms, and graphic or tabulated material.

If relevant to a question, you will be presented with the normal lab values directly in the question.

If you experience any technical difficulties, please notify the site staff immediately. The site staff and the MCC are in direct contact throughout your examination to resolve any possible issues. We are also actively monitoring every computer running the exam. If we notice a loss of connection with a computer, your site will be contacted to reestablish a connection. Any time lost during the interruption will be noted, and we will also provide some additional time to allow you to reacclimatize and start back where you left off.