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FAQs for the MCCQE Part I

(Updated September 25, 10:18 a.m., ET)

Update on COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves in Canada and abroad, we continue to ensure we are doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, to be mindful of the impacts on the medical community, and to ensure the safety of all involved in our exams.

We are pleased to inform you that the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I application is now open and you can now apply through your account. Please note that the MCCQE Part I will be offered through Prometric at available test centres or via remote proctoring, a new delivery model for the Medical Council of Canada (MCC). Recommended physical distancing and other personal protective measures are in place, as per the guidelines set by local public health authorities.

To meet the capacity demand, please note that the MCCQE Part I will be offered over an extended exam period, from June 1 to September 20, 2020. Also, please note that the next session of the exam is scheduled from October 26 to November 8, 2020.

We continue to closely monitor the situation and potential impacts on future exams. Please check and websites for further updates.

Useful links

Letter sent to candidates containing general information on the MCCQE Part I.



To meet the capacity demand, we have extended the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I session, which will be offered from June 1 to September 20, 2020, for both remote proctoring and test centre exam delivery. At available Prometric test centres, recommended physical distancing and other personal protective measures will be in place, as per the guidelines set by local public health authorities.  You will be notified through your account when scheduling opens.

When will the rescheduled April-May MCCQE Part I be held?

The MCCQE Part I will be delivered via remote proctoring for the duration of 2020, and for the January 2021 session. The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) will evaluate the use of remote proctoring and confirm the exam delivery plan for April 2021 later this fall.

Will remote proctoring be offered for all MCCQE Part I sessions moving forward?

No. The exam fee remains as published on the MCCQE Part I page.

Do I have to pay an additional fee to take the exam via remote proctoring?

The MCC is a Canadian organization and we are committed to collaborating with the Canadian government and public health authorities to ensure best practices are followed to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of all involved in our exams. As such, our examinations have been postponed in keeping with Canadian public health recommendations. These measures may not reflect the specific policies of Prometric, a third-party organization specialized in the administration of exams. We continue to closely collaborate with Prometric to coordinate the delivery of new exams and will communicate news as soon as reasonably possible.

Why is the information different on the MCC website compared to the Prometric website?

Examination results will be confirmed by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) Central Examination Committee (CEC). Please note that as the window for the June-September MCCQE Part I session is longer than normal MCCQE Part I sessions, the results will be released in two batches. The first group of candidate that completed their exam between June 1 and July 19 will receive their MCCQE Part I final results in mid-September and the second group of candidates that completed their exam between July 20 and September 20 will receive their MCCQE Part I final results in November, approximately seven weeks after the last day of the examination session.

When will I receive my results?

Application and eligibility

Starting in June 2020, the MCC will use remote proctoring as well as test centres where available to administer the MCCQE Part I to candidates. The exam will be delivered through Prometric’s ProProctor remote assessment platform. Exam delivery will also resume at Prometric test centres with recommended physical distancing and personal protective measures in place.

A phased implementation of the remotely proctored MCCQE Part I will allow for necessary calibration of reference groups and adjustments while ensuring fairness for candidates. You will receive a message in your account when scheduling opens.

What is happening with my application to the MCCQE Part I?

You will not have to reapply to this exam. You will be able to reschedule appointments through Prometric once scheduling opens.

Will I need to reapply to the MCCQE Part I once the April-May 2020 session has been rescheduled?

For those candidates who have already been accepted to take the MCCQE Part I and who are unable to schedule or reschedule their exam appointment date at this time, please be advised that your exam eligibility windows will be extended by nine months to ensure that you will have sufficient time to schedule and take your exam within your current application.

What happens with my eligibility window?


Once your application is accepted and you’ve received a message through your account confirming that you are eligible to take the MCCQE Part I, you can schedule an appointment with Prometric.

Please check the Prometric Site opening page before accessing the scheduling system to confirm whether a testing centre is open in your area. Prior to logging into the system, gather all the information you will need to complete your appointment. As Prometric is re-instituting in-centre testing at as many locations as possible, the list may change weekly; therefore, we suggest, if your preferred testing location isn’t currently available, checking back regularly. Please retain your confirmation number. You will receive an appointment confirmation notice approximately seven days prior to your scheduled appointment. In the current context, centres may occasionally need to reschedule candidates and you may receive communication from Prometric to that effect. If you receive an auto-rescheduling message, please contact the MCC so we may assist as needed.

Please visit our Scheduling webpage for further details on how to schedule your appointment.

Can I schedule an appointment?

Remote proctoring is a new delivery model for the MCC and, as such, we will implement it gradually, on a first-come, first-served basis, starting with candidates previously scheduled for the April-May MCCQE Part I session. We are working closely with Prometric to increase capacity where possible and test centre availability is dependent on guidelines set by local public health authorities

Will there be enough capacity to meet demand?

For the June 1 to September 20, 2020 session, you are able to make changes to your exam appointment up to 48 hours prior to the date of your exam at no cost, subject to availability. You may also switch exam modalities, subject to test centre and remote proctoring availability. Scheduling is also available for the next session of the MCCQE Part I scheduled to take place from October 26 to November 8, 2020. If you reschedule or cancel within 48 hours of your exam appointment date, your application fee will be forfeited.

Once my exam is scheduled, can I make changes to my appointment?

Yes, Prometric has an online application you can run at any time to check your system readiness. Also, the system requirements are detailed in the User Guide that you will receive along with your scheduling confirmation for a remotely proctored exam.

Can I conduct a self-administered readiness check to determine my hardware capability ahead of time?

Exam day

Prometric will store a high-resolution video feed for each candidate that combines both proctor and candidate video/audio. It is expected that this data will be kept for up to 2 years.

Is my remote proctoring session recorded? How long is video data stored?

You will be supervised by one or more proctors. In case of an escalation, a security agent reviews the candidate or the issue, while the proctor continues to monitor the candidate.

In the remote proctoring environment, how many proctors supervise a candidate?

Yes, you will be allowed two scratch papers and a pencil at the Prometric test centres.

In the remote proctoring environment, starting with the MCCQE Part I October 26 to November 8, 2020 session, candidates will have access to an electronic scratchpad during their exam. They will access this scratchpad in the same manner that they access the chat feature. This will replace the two pieces of paper that they were permitted to use and that needed to be destroyed at the end of the exam.

Will I be able to take notes during an exam?

There is only one flexible 45-minute break that will start once you finish the Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) component in the morning. You may take less than a 45-minute break if you wish to start the  Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) component early, however this does not give you extra exam time. In addition, if you take more than a 45-minute break, your afternoon timed session will automatically start. For both exam modalities, you can take unscheduled breaks during the exam, to access food, drink and/or medication outside of the testing room. Unscheduled breaks must be managed within the allocated exam time as the timer on your exam will continue to count down. If you leave your exam for longer than 45 minutes, the proctor will terminate your exam. The routine security scan and the sign-in process must be completed upon re-entry to the exam and is estimated to take between 3 and 5 minutes.

Note: For exam security reasons, all candidates taking the exam remotely or in a test centre must exit the exam room during the flexible 45-minute break to access food, cell phones, drink and/or medication.

Will I be able to take breaks during an exam?

Prometric’s systems check helps candidates validate their internet speed in advance. We highly recommend a wired connection, though candidates do use and test using WIFI. If your systems do not meet the internet requirements, remote proctoring will not be possible.

Internet connectivity is variable across the country and around the globe, what are the specific considerations if I am deciding to write the exam via remote proctoring?

There is a ‘Technical Support Link’ to follow for technical issues during your remote proctored exam. The link will take you to an online chat screen.

What if my computer crashes during the exam, what number should I call?

If your internet connection is disrupted, you can log back into the exam through the portal once connectivity is restored. You will return to the spot where you were disconnected.

What happens if my internet connection gets disrupted or my computer stops working during the exam?

The same process of reporting illnesses and incidents will apply as highlighted under our MCCQE Part I Exam day section.

If the remote proctoring session is interrupted or abandoned, will it be considered as an attempt?

If a security concern is flagged or noticed, the proctor will involve a security agent. The security agent will investigate the issue and may terminate the exam as outlined in the policies determined by the MCC. You will be informed that the exam is being terminated. If an exam is terminated due to a security concern, the incident will be investigated by the MCC. The security agent is not required to call MCC prior to terminating an exam.

Does the remote proctor have a right to terminate my exam?

Prometric requires all exam candidates to bring and wear a face mask during the entirety of their time at the test center. Both disposable (non-medical) and cloth masks are acceptable. Any exam candidate that comes to the test centre without a mask will not be allowed to test, marked as a “no show,” and will not be eligible for a free reschedule.

Please also note that all biometric functionality (fingerprinting) has been disabled due to COVID-19 physical distancing measures.

Are there requirements for masks and biometric functionality at my test centre?

Test accommodations

Prometric’s supplied physical resources are available and delivered exclusively at Prometric’s exam centres. These include but are not limited to the provision of a separate testing room, a separate room for nursing, wheelchair accessible centres, readers, scribes, desks, chairs, and computer monitors.   These accommodations will restrict your ability to schedule a remotely proctored appointment.

Test accommodations relating to additional test time, break time and access to your personal items can be delivered in appointments conducted both at Prometric exam centres and via remote proctoring.

Are test accommodations available for remote proctored (RP) exams?

Exam appointments that support the delivery of test accommodations are subject to availability and may vary based on the type of approved test accommodations.  Blocks have been reserved for MCC candidates requiring accommodation, these seats are available on a first come first serve basis.

Have seats been reserved at test centres for those requiring test accommodations?