Medical Council of Canada

MCC 360: How is it different from PAR?

The MCC 360 is a national project undertaken by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) and partner organizations to incorporate a common, robust multisource feedback (MSF) tool and process into physician quality assurance and improvement programs across the country.

MCC 360 builds on an evaluation tool known as the Physician Achievement Review (PAR), developed in 1999 by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) with the University of Calgary.

“As an Alberta physician, it is very nice to see that MCC 360 has developed from the Physician Achievement Review (PAR), initiated in Alberta. Now, MCC 360 will improve the delivery of medical care right across Canada. Having gone through both programs, I would strongly recommend MCC 360 to all physicians.”

—Dr. John Bradley, MCC 360 physician participant

How is MCC 360 different from PAR?

  • The survey questions have changed. The MCC 360 questions use plain language, and there is greater overlap of questions across rater groups.
  • One common scale is used across all items.
  • Results are not presented using normative data. Physicians are encouraged to reflect on their own performance rather than compare their performance to that of their peers.
  • MCC 360 looks at three CanMEDS roles: Communicator, Collaborator and Professional.
  • In addition to quantitative feedback, MCC 360 also provides physicians with qualitative feedback from colleagues, co-workers and patients.
  • MCC 360 is expected to be paired with a feedback and coaching session for every participating physician. This allows him or her to view the results in an objective and constructive manner, and to develop an action plan for positive change.