Medical Council of Canada

Physician participant benefits

MCC 360 – Physician participant benefits

The following lists benefits that you can experience as a physician participant who has completed the MCC 360 program:

  • The program encourages an environment that is favorable for better teamwork, along with fostering an openness for improved communication with your patients, colleagues, and co-workers
  • The MCC 360 feedback report helps you highlight areas of development, and encourages you to create an action plan with specific goals for self-improvement
  • You receive invaluable feedback from your patients, colleagues and co-workers, alongside guidance on how to put the feedback into practice
  • The program creates a positive attitude of change in the way you go about your daily work
  • The program promotes increased awareness of the importance of communication, professionalism and collaboration in your practice.
  • Depending on the quality assurance and improvement (QA/QI) program, participation in MCC 360 can count towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements
  • The program can help you understand how key performance dimensions are linked within your QA/QI program’s overall strategy and values