Medical Council of Canada

Physician instructions

How to complete your MCC 360 requirements

  1. You may have been notified by your College or health institution that you’ve been selected to complete this program. You will receive an initiation email from the MCC with further instructions to gain access to your account. Please note that you must use the email address we have on file to facilitate our correspondence, and the tracking of your progression through the program.
  2. Once you have access to your MCC 360 online account, you will be expected to complete the following tasks online:
    • Complete and submit your self-assessment
    • Submit the contact information of eight physician colleagues of your choosing
    • Submit the contact information of eight co-workers of your choosing
  3. All three sections must be labelled COMPLETE.

Obtaining patient questionnaires

A second element of the MCC 360 program requires the submission of 25 patient questionnaires.

It is your responsibility to select the patients who will be filling out the questionnaires. Patient respondents will be provided with further instructions on the questionnaires. You can request their participation by either:

  • Handing them one of the enclosed business cards containing a customized website address so they can fill out the questionnaire at home, or
  • Having them fill out a paper copy of the patient questionnaire in your waiting room, sealing it in one of the postage envelopes provided in this package, and handing it to the reception at your practice

Please note that you will be responsible for:

  • Collecting the envelopes containing paper copies of the patient questionnaires
  • Placing the envelopes in a prepaid postage envelope (also enclosed in your introductory package) addressed to the MCC