Medical Council of Canada

Physician instructions

How to complete your MCC 360 requirements

You may have been notified by your College or health institution that you’ve been selected to complete this program, or you may have self-selected for your own professional development. There are slight differences in how MCC 360 is delivered; read carefully below for the instructions that apply to your situation.

FOR PHYSICIANS WISHING TO SELF-SELECT, begin by creating an account in the MCC 360 Portal and purchasing an MCC 360 package. If you have been selected to complete this program by your College or health institution, begin at Part 1 below.



1. Find the Get started email from
  • Click on the link in the email and follow the steps to access you account to start your MCC 360 assessment
  • Access the MCC 360 Portal anytime at
  • If you have not received this email, contact us at 1-833-521-6024 or
2. Once in your MCC 360 account:
  • Complete and submit your self-assessment
  • Send a survey to at least 8 physician colleagues. They may be referring or consultant physicians.
  • Send a survey to at least 8 non-physician co-workers. Select a cross-section of non-physician health professionals such as office or clinic staff, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, dieticians, physiotherapists, lab and x-ray technicians and other health professionals with whom you work or share patients.
  • Your colleagues and co-workers will receive email invitations to complete a survey. It is advised they check their junk/spam folders in case the invitation bypasses their inbox.
  • Sending surveys to additional colleagues and co-workers will help you reach requirements faster, as well as increase the richness of the feedback you receive
3. Once step 2 is complete, you will be awaiting survey responses from your colleagues and co-workers.

Your MCC 360 account will display real time updates on your assessment progress. Status updates and reminders will be provided by email and telephone to facilitate the completion of your assessment.



MCC 360 requires the submission of 25 patient surveys.

Request the participation of your patients by providing them your unique url (available in the Get started email, and in your MCC 360 account) so they may complete the patient survey online.


  • Surveys completed online will help you reach your required quantity of patient feedback quickly
  • We encourage you to offer the online survey option to your patients first, before offering them the paper survey
  • The patient survey link is smartphone friendly and should take only minutes to complete
  • Patients may be encouraged to participate if you explain that their answers will remain confidential and that their perspective is valuable and helps you reach your goal of providing the best possible care. None of the survey questions are related to their personal health information, and you will not know how an individual patient answered any of the questions.
  • If you have a patient who is more comfortable completing the paper copy of the survey, have them do so in your waiting room. They should seal it in one of the small envelopes provided and hand it to your office administrator. Please do not make photocopies of the patient surveys.


If using paper, please note that you will be responsible for:

  • Collecting the envelopes containing paper copies of the patient surveys
  • Placing the small envelopes in the larger prepaid postage envelope addressed to the Medical Council of Canada


*Paper surveys and envelopes are only available to self-selecting physicians upon request.