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MCC 360 FAQs for physicians

What is MCC 360?

MCC 360 is a national program to provide physicians with meaningful feedback that allows them to improve patient care. Through an in-depth multi-source feedback process, physicians get insights into their performance as communicators, collaborators and professionals.

For more information, please visit our Program information page.

What is multi-source feedback?


Multi-source feedback involves an evaluation by a sample of your colleagues, co-workers and patients as well as yourself for a complete “360-degree” perspective. We will provide you with feedback that you can use to improve your performance as a communicator, collaborator and professional.

Who is considered a colleague, and who is considered a co-worker?


A colleague is a physician peer. Colleagues can be referring or consultant physicians. Co-workers are health professionals other than physicians, such as nurses, pharmacists and dieticians.

How long will the entire assessment process take?


You will receive a feedback report about 16 weeks after we have received all of the completed questionnaires. In some exceptional circumstances, it may take slightly longer.

What areas of my practice will patients, colleagues and co-workers be evaluating?


The focus of the assessment is on the CanMEDS and CanMEDS-FM roles of communication, professionalism and collaboration. This relates to your ability to communicate with patients, colleagues and co-workers, as well as behave professionally with honesty, integrity, commitment, compassion, respect, and altruism.

Why do I need so many people to comment on my practice?


The multi-dimensional perspective offered by many patients, colleagues and co-workers provides a more reliable view of your practice and statistical reliability. At a minimum, we need to receive completed questionnaires from 25 patients, eight colleagues and eight co-workers (as well as your self-assessment).

How long do respondents have to return the completed questionnaires?


All colleagues and co-workers are asked to complete the questionnaire within two weeks. It normally takes a few weeks to obtain enough patient questionnaires, depending on the volume of patients you see.

How do you ensure confidentiality of respondents’ feedback?


We only report aggregate results when we have received the required minimum number of responses. Otherwise, the data are omitted from your report. This practice protects respondent confidentiality since identifying individuals becomes increasingly difficult as the group gets larger.

What happens to my MCC 360 results?


You will receive a summary of multi-source feedback results, outlining the feedback of each responding group. You will also receive a summary of your self assessment, along with how it compares with the feedback received from your patients, colleagues and co-workers.

What will happen if I receive a “bad” MCC 360 review?


Results are not “good” or “bad”. The feedback is designed to help you develop personalized continuing professional development plans focused on opportunities to improve patient care.

What if I don’t have enough current patients, colleagues and co-workers?


If you have recently moved, you can use respondents from your past practice. We request that your respondent selections represent patients, colleagues and co-workers that you have interacted with in the last calendar year.

My colleagues/co-workers never received their questionnaires. Can you resend them?


Please contact a MCC 360 Program Administrator (email, or call 1-833-521-6024). We will resend the questionnaire to the colleagues and co-workers that you indicated have yet to receive it.

I would like to add more colleagues and co-workers as the ones I have selected are unable to provide the feedback.


Please contact a MCC 360 Program Administrator (email, or call 1-833-521-6024) and provide us with the new names and email addresses of your desired colleagues and co-workers.

I incorrectly entered a colleague/co-worker's email, how can I make the update?


Please contact a MCC 360 Program Administrator (email, or call 1-833-521-6024) and provide them with the proper email address. We will take care of updating the information in our program software.

Account questions

I forgot my password, can you reset it?


You can reset your password by entering your registered email address. Click the Forgot your password? link and follow the outlined steps. We unfortunately do not have access to your password.

I am unable to log into FluidReview, the MCC 360 program software?


Please ensure that you are entering the correct email address and password that you used to create your account. Click the Forgot your password? link for further instructions.

Can I save and continue the self assessment at a later time?


Yes, you can save and return. You will not be able to submit your self assessment until all the questions are answered and all colleague/co-worker contact information is included.

Can I go back and change the answers to my self assessment?


You can only edit the answers to your self assessment prior to completing the form. Once your self assessment has been completed and submitted, you cannot make any further changes.

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