Medical Council of Canada

Council Committee membership

Council and committee membership

Executive Board

President Dr. Karen Shaw
Vice-President Dr. Jay Rosenfield
Past-President n/a
Chair of Finance Dr. Heidi Oetter
Members Dr. Bruce Wright, Dr. Cyril Moyse, Dr. Theresa Farrell, Dr. Geneviève Grégoire
Public member at large Ms. Gwen Haliburton
Council members
Members at Large From – To
Ms. Rose Carter 2007-2019
Ms. Nancy MacBeth 2002–2019
Ms. Gwen Haliburton 2010–2018
Mr. Brian Mazer 2014–2018
Ms. Andrée Robichaud 2013–2021


 Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada Members From – To
Newfoundland Dr. Linda Inkpen 2014–2020
Dr. Elizabeth Bannister 2016–2018
P.E.I. Dr. Cyril A. Moyse 1988–2020
Dr. Geraldine Johnston 2002–2018
Nova Scotia Dr. Douglas Grant 2011–2018
Dr. Graham Bullock 2016–2018
New Brunswick Dr. Edmund G.A. Schollenberg 1992–2020
Dr. John C. McCrea 2002–2019
Quebec Dr. Anne-Marie MacLellan 2006–2018
Dr. Martin Laliberté 2017–2018
Ontario Dr. Rocco Gerace 1999–2020
Dr. Janet van Vlymen 2017–2019
Manitoba Dr. Anna Ziomek 2015–2019
Saskatchewan Dr. Karen Shaw 2011–2018
Dr. Edward Tsoi 2004–2020
Alberta Dr. Scott McLeod 2017–2021
Dr. Karen Mazurek 2012–2020
British Columbia Dr. Heidi Oetter 2008–2020
Ms. Corrine de Bruin 2016–2020
Yukon Territory Dr. Robert Zimmerman 2013–2020
Northwest Territories Dr. Theresa Farrell 2007–2019
Dr. Bing Guthrie 2011–2020
Nunavut Dr. W. Alexander Macdonald 2006–2018
Dr. Patricia DeMaio 2006–2018


 University Members From – To
Memorial Dr. Cathy Vardy 2000–2020
Dalhousie Dr. Simon Field 2007–2019
Laval Dr. Ghislain Brousseau 2016–2018
Sherbrooke Dr. Colette Girardin 2016–2018
McGill Dr. Joyce Pickering 2005–2021
Montreal Dr. Geneviève Grégoire 2014–2020
Ottawa Dr. Melissa Forgie 2011–2020
Queen’s Dr. Anthony Sanfilippo 2008–2020
Toronto Dr. Patricia Houston 2017–2020
McMaster Dr. Rob Whyte 2016–2020
Western Ontario Dr. Jay Rosenfield 2004–2020
Northern Ontario Dr. David Musson 2014–2021
Manitoba Dr. Bruce Martin 2007–2019
Saskatchewan Dr. Kent Stobart 2017–2021
Alberta Dr. Tracey Hillier 2015–2020
Calgary Dr. Sylvain Coderre 2014–2019
British Columbia Dr. Bruce Wright 2006–2019


Student & Resident Members From – To
Student Mr. Yipeng Ge 2017–2019
Mr. Mathieu Groulx 2018–2019
Resident Dr. Melanie Bechard 2018–2019
TBC  2018–2019


Committee membership
Appeals Committee
Chair Ms. Rose Carter
Vice-Chair Dr. Ghislain Brousseau
Members Ms. Andrée Robichaud
Dr. Sylvain Coderre
Dr. Melissa Forgie
Dr. Cathy Vardy
Dr. Colette Girardin
Mr. Brian Mazer
Dr. Kent Stobart


 Finance Committee
Chair Dr. Heidi Oetter
Vice-Chair Ms. Andrée Robichaud
Members Dr. Karen Mazurek
Dr. Karen Shaw
Dr. Cathy Vardy


Legislation Committee
Chair Dr. Jay Rosenfield
Vice-Chair Dr. Anne-Marie MacLellan
Members Ms. Corinne de Bruin
Dr. Patricia DeMaio
Dr. Theresa Farrell
Dr. Melissa Forgie
Dr. Tracey Hillier
Dr. Linda Inkpen
Dr. Douglas Grant
Dr. John McCrea
Dr. Edward Tsoi
Dr. Robert Zimmerman
Mr. Brian Mazer
Dr. Geraldine Johnston


 Nominating Committee
Chair Ms. Nancy MacBeth
Members Dr. Douglas Grant
Dr. Simon Field
Dr. Anne-Marie MacLellan
Dr. Theresa Farrell


Research and Development Committee
Chair Dr. Anthony Sanfilippo
Vice-Chair Dr. Graham Bullock
Members Dr. Simon Field
Dr. Jay Rosenfield
Dr. Joyce Pickering
Dr. Karen Mazurek
Dr. Bruce Wright


 Selection Committee
Chair Dr. Geraldine Johnston
Vice-Chair Dr. David Musson
Members Dr. Sylvain Coderre
Dr. Colette Girardin
Dr. Edward Tsoi


 Central Examination Committee
Chair Dr. Brent Kvern
Vice-Chair Dr. Debra Pugh
Blueprint Committee membership


Blueprint Committee membership
Chair Dr. Stephen Aaron
Members Dr. Nancy Brager

Dr. Alan Neville

Dr. Ian Johnson

Dr. Preston Tran

Dr. Joyce Pickering

Dr. Louise Samson

Dr. Kent Stobart

Dr. Isabelle Desjardins

Dr. Lynn Russell