Medical Council of Canada

2015 test committee membership

2015 test committee membership

MCCQE Part I Test Committees

Clinical Decision Making
Name Position
Dr. Ron Siemens (SK) Chair
Dr. Mary Wells (NF) Member
Dr. Roger Butler (NL) Member
Dr. Karima Addetia (QC) Member
Dr. Marie-Josée Bédard (QC) Member
Dr. Michel Chiasson (NS) Member
Dr. François-Gilles Boucher (ON) Member
Dr. Richard Scheirer (AB) Member
Dr. Florin Padeanu (MB) Member
Dr. Nancy Brager (AB) Member
Dr. Carey Matsuba (BC) Member
Name  Position
Dr. Katina Tzanetos (ON) Chair
Dr. Isabelle Desjardins (ON) Executive Secretary
Dr. Anne-Marie Mansour (QC) Member
Dr. Charles Duffy (PE) Member
Dr. Ginette Lalonde-Kontio (ON) Member
Dr. Patrick Willemot (QC) Member
Dr. Michèle Mahone (QC) Member
Dr. Mark Lees (SK) Member
Dr. Amanda Hanson (AB) Member
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Name Position
Dr. John Thiel (SK) Chair
Dr. Sandra Biem (QC) Executive Secretary
Dr. Anne Gravelle (ON) Member
Dr. Marie-Claude Leduc (QC) Member
Dr. Ciaran Goojha (BC) Member
Dr. David McLinden (ON) Member
Dr. Catherine Tremblay (QC) Member
Dr. Andrea Skorenki (AB) Member
Dr. Martine Robichaud (NB) Member
Name Position
Dr. Mohsin Rashid (NS) Chair
Dr. Hema Patel (QC) Executive Secretary
Dr. John Grant (NS) Member
Dr. Peter Jamieson (AB) Member
Dr. Jan Kotarba (ON) Member
Dr. Julie Loignon (QC) Member
Dr. Bich-Hong Nguyen (QC) Member
Dr. Robert Porter (NL) Corresponding Member
Dr. Teresa Cavett Corresponding Member
Name Position
Dr. Pierre Bryden (ON) Chair
Dr. Susan Philips (ON) Executive Secretary
Dr. Fiona Bergin (NS) Member
Dr. Carey Matsuba (BC) Member
Dr. Martha McCarthy (BC) Member
Dr. Ellen Tsai Member
Dr. Arnaud Samson (QC) Member
Dr. Martine Baillargeon (QC) Member
Dr. Denise Donovan (QC) Corresponding Member
Dr. Janet Gordon (NS) Corresponding Member
Dr. Merril Pails (MB) Member
Name Position
Dr. Ken Kontio (ON) Chair
Dr. Émilie Comeau (QC) Executive Secretary
Dr. Robert Farrell (NL) Member
Dr. Paul Robert Hayes (SK) Member
Dr. John Graham (AB) Member
Dr. Stephen DiTommaso (QC) Member
Dr. Jill Watts (NB) Member
Dr. Ari Meguerditchian (QC) Member
Dr. Ross MacMahon (MB) Corresponding Member
Dr. Gordon Chaytors (AB) Corresponding Member
Dr. Ninian Slorach (NB) Corresponding Member
Name  Position
Dr. Andrew Harris (NS) Chair
Dr. Marie Hayes (QC) Executive Secretary
Dr. Leslie-Ann Bailliu (ON) Member
Dr. Marie-Eve Blanchard (NB) Member
Dr. Mark Hanson (ON) Member
Dr. Theodore Kolivakis (QC) Member
Dr. Lauren Zanussi (AB) Member
Dr. Brendan Miles (AB) Member
Dr. Jean-Robert Maltais (QC) Member

MCCQE Part II Test Committee


Name Position
Dr. Lynne Harrigan (NS) Chair
Dr. Barbara Power (ON) Executive Secretary
Dr. Alain Couet (QC) Member
Dr. Kendrick Lacey (NB) Member
Dr. Lawrence Elliott (MB) Member
Dr. Alan Neville (ON) Member
Dr. Chantal Lemire (QC) Member
Dr. Joan Wenning (NS) Member
Dr. Pierre Plourde (MB) Member
Dr. Laura Piccinin (ON) Member
Dr. Michael Hogan (NL) Member
Dr. Thérèse Hodgson Member
Dr. Kathy Collinson (AB) Member
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MCCEE Test Committees

Name Position
Dr. Elizabeth MacKay (AB) Chair
Dr. Barry Cohen (MB) Vice-Chair
Dr. Vonda Hayes (NS) Member
Dr. Tzu Kuang Lee (AB) Member
Dr. Debbie Rosenbaum (BC) Member
Dr. Leora Birnbaum (QC) Member
Dr. Carmen Hurd (MB) Member
Dr. Judy Baird (ON) Member
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Name Position
Dr. Céline Bouchard (CQ) Chair
Dr. Ann Spence (ON) Vice-Chair
Dr. Amos Akinbiyi (SK) Member
Dr. Roger Turnell (AB) Member
Dr. Joan Crane (NS) Member
Dr. Wendy Wolfman (ON) Member
Name Position
Dr. Hilary Writer (ON) Chair
Dr. Moyez Ladhani (ON) Vice-Chair
Dr. Mark A. Duncan (BC) Member
Dr. Ann E. Hawkins (NS) Member
Dr. Judy Baird (ON) Member
Dr. Catherine Henin (QC) Member
Ms. Jennifer Walton (AB) Member
Population Health and Ethics
Name Position
Dr. Ian Johnson (ON) Chair
Dr. Ed Ellis (ON) Vice-Chair
Dr. Lynn Beck (BC) Member
Dr. Denise Donovan (QC-NB) Member
Dr. Ian McDowell (ON) Member
Dr. Susan Swiggum (ON) Member
Dr. Gordon Wallace (ON) Member
Dr. Shelagh Leahey (NS) Member
Name Position
Dr. Kathryn Macdonald (ON) Chair
Dr. Gary Kay (ON) Member
Dr. Karen Ferguson (ON) Member
Dr. Beata Wiatrowska (ON) Member
Dr. Si-Ann Woods (ON) Member
Dr. Blanka Jurenka (BC) Member
Dr. Lorraine Andrews Member
Name Position
Dr. Darren Beiko (ON) Chair
Dr. Samuel Minor (NS) Vice-Chair
Dr. Frank Chi (ON) Member
Dr. Veronica Mohr (ON) Member
Dr. Leslie Scott (ON) Member
Dr. Mark Harrisson (ON) Member
Dr. Adrian Gooi (AB) Member
Dr. Gary Gelfand (AB) Member
Dr. Staphanie Baxter (ON) Member

Evaluating Examination Composite Committee
Name Position
Dr. Darren Beiko (ON) Chair EE Surgery
Dr. Céline Bouchard (QC) Chair EE Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Elizabeth MacKay (AB) Chair EE Composite Committee, Chair EE Medicine
Dr. Kathryn Macdonald (ON) Chair EE Psychiatry
Dr. Ann Spence (ON) Vice-Chair EE Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Hilary Writer (ON) Chair EE Pediatrics, Vice-Chair EE Composite Committee
Dr. Ian Johnson (ON) Chair EE Population Health and Ethics
Dr. Deborah Pugh (ON) CEC Representative
Dr. Barry Cohen (MB) Vice-Chair EE Medicine
Dr. Moyez Ladhani (ON) Vice-Chair EE Pediatrics
Dr. Edward Ellis (ON) Vice-Chair EE Population Health and Ethics
Dr. Gary Kay (ON) Vice-Chair EE Psychiatry
Dr. Samuel Minor (NS) Vice-Chair Surgery
National Assessment Central Coordinating Committee
Name Position
Dr. Elizabeth Bannister (NL) Chair
Dr. Maureen Topps (AB) Vice-Chair
Ms. Beverly MacLean-Alley (BC) Member
Mr. Bruce Holmes (NS) Member
Dr. Anne-Marie MacLellan (QC) Member
Mr. Dan Faulkner (ON) Member
Dr. Glen Bandiera (ON) Member
Dr, Mohamed Ravalia (NL) Member
Dr. Kenneth Harris (ON) Member
Mr. Larry Alteen (NL) Member
Dr. Marilyn Singer (MB) Member
Ms. Nancy MacBeth (AB) Member
Ms. Saylene Salazar (SK) Member
Dr. Steven Caldwell (AB) Member
Dr. Tim Allen (ON) Member
Dr. Jean Rawling (AB) Member
Central Examination Committee
Name Position
Dr. Brent Kvern Chair
Dr. Deborah Pugh Vice-Chair
Dr. Mohsin Rashid Chair of Pediatrics Test Committee
Dr. Ken Kontio Chair of Surgery Test Committee
Dr. Lynne Harringan Chair of OSCE Test Committee
Dr. Katrina Tzanetos Chair of Medicine Test Committee
Dr. John Thiel Chair of OB/GYN Test Committee
Dr. Andrew Harris Chair of Psychiatry Test Committee
Dr. Pier Bryden Chair of PHELO Test Committee
Dr. Ron Siemens Chair of CDM Test Committee