Replacing your LMCC documents

Please note that all replacement documents are issued as “duplicate” documents.

For information on replacement documents due to a name change, visit name change on your LMCC documents.

  1. Return the original documents (Testamur and/or Certificate of Registration) to the MCC.
    • NOTE: If you do not have your original document(s), you must provide an original statutory declaration (i.e., affidavit) certified by a lawyer or a notary public stating the reason why replacement(s) are being requested (e.g., document(s) lost, stolen, destroyed, etc.).  The declaration must also state that if the original Certificate of Registration and/or Testamur is/are subsequently located, either the original(s) or the replacement(s) will be returned to the MCC office.
  2. Payment of the applicable fees by Visa or MasterCard and submission of the Service Request form for Replacement of LMCC Documents.