Given the limited capacity and to ensure fair access, the MCC no longer offers a withdrawal deadline for the MCCQE Part II. The withdrawal deadline, which remains in place for other MCC exams, allows candidates to withdraw before a specified date at their own discretion.

Given that withdrawal might deprive another candidate of the opportunity to take the exam, candidates who choose to withdraw will forfeit their examination fee.

If you still wish to withdraw from the MCCQE Part II, you must submit an exam withdrawal request through your physiciansapply.ca account by following the steps below:

1. Click on Examinations in the left panel
2. Click on Withdraw from an exam at the bottom of the centre panel and follow the steps

Transfers to a later session are not permitted. You must withdraw and reapply when you wish to take the examination.

Absence on the day of exam

All fees will be forfeited if you are absent on the day of exam.