Application and eligibility

For eligibility to MCCQE Part II, the following must apply:

  1. you must have successfully passed the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I
  2. your final medical degree diploma must be successfully source verified
  3. you must have successfully completed a minimum of 12 months of postgraduate clinical medical training (PGT) or of osteopathic postgraduate training,
    will have completed 12 months of postgraduate clinical medical training (PGT) on or before the deadline of June 30 for the spring exam of the same calendar year or Dec. 31 for the fall exam of the same calendar year

Please note – for the fall 2016 session, all exam capacity is being allotted to candidates in their second year of residency or above. If you are expected to complete 12 months of residency training after the exam date of October 29, 2016, you will not be able to add your name to the pre-application list.

We will provide the opportunity for PGY-1 candidates to apply for the spring 2017 session. See Exam Capacity for more information.

For detailed application information, see the link below that applies to you.

Applying to the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part II for the first time as:

Reapplying to the MCCQE Part II as:

Processing of your application

Please allow up to three weeks for the processing of your application.

  • If the MCC has already reviewed and accepted the documentation confirming your eligibility, you may quickly receive another communication confirming acceptance of your exam application.

Accessibility and test accommodations

Please review the accessibility and test accommodations information and instructions.

Applying for the MCCQE Part II

  • Candidates can apply for the MCCQE Part II through their account only during specific application periods indicated under Examination at a glance.
  • Please note that the option to apply to the examination will only appear in the candidate’s account during specific application periods and only if the candidate meets all eligibility requirements.
  • To address anticipated high volumes of candidates and to maintain the reliability, validity and comparability of scores across exam sessions, capacity limits for the fall 2015 MCCQE Part II are being introduced. For additional information see Exam capacity.

To receive a notice when general registration opens for the spring 2017 MCCQE Part II, please submit your email address below. The MCC will send this notification to your email address and not through your account. The MCC cannot guarantee that the email notification will reach your inbox.