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Tips and Do’s and Don’ts

Tips and Do's and Don'ts

Please read the tips below before your centre’s scheduling start date (the table below is also available as a pdf).


Step 1
Log into your account.
  • DO log into your account a few minutes before your centre’s scheduling start time to avoid delays
  • Once you click to LOG INDO expect a slight delay before gaining access to your account
  • Important: Your session could time out if you log in more than 20 minutes before your scheduling start time
Step 2
Click on Examinations on the left panel. 
  • The EXAMINATIONS panel will open
Step 3
Click on MCCQE Part I spring 2018.
  • Your current examination and its status will be displayed in the EXAMINATIONS panel
  • Click on MCCQE Part I spring 2018 to open the CURRENT EXAMINATION panel
Step 4
Wait for the SCHEDULE NOW button.
  • If you do not see the SCHEDULE NOW button, it is because the scheduling for your centre has not started yet
    • Please note that the start times are in Eastern Time (ET)
  • The SCHEDULE NOW button on the CURRENT EXAMINATION panel will appear ONLY when the countdown timer on the right panel runs out
  • DON’T click your browser’s refresh button as this may slow down your scheduling experience; instead, click on MCCQE Part I spring 2018 in the centre panel
  • Monitor the countdown timer within 20 minutes of your scheduling period
Step 5
  • Once scheduling has started for your centre, the SCHEDULE NOW button will appear on the CURRENT EXAMINATION panel
  • Click on SCHEDULE NOW to schedule your date
Step 6
Click on the button next to your preferred date.
  • The SCHEDULE AN EXAMINATION DATE panel will be displayed
  • The dates listed will be those where spaces are still available at your assigned centre
  • If you do not see a date that had been published for your centre, it is because all spaces have been filled for that date
  • Click on the button next to your preferred date
  • Click on SCHEDULE DATE at the bottom right panel
Step 7
Wait for confirmation.
  • After you click on SCHEDULE DATE, you will not be able to change this date
  • A “Loading, please wait” message may appear on screen while the system processes your request
  • DON’T close your browser window and DON’T refresh the page
  • The length of time to wait may depend on how many other candidates are also scheduling at this time
  • Date requests are on a first-come, first-served basis, according to when you clicked the SCHEDULE DATE button
 Step 8
A confirmation will be displayed.
  • A confirmation of your scheduled centre, date, time and Exam PIN will appear on the CURRENT EXAMINATION panel

If you experience difficulties when scheduling your date, please contact the service desk at this number: (613) 520-2240.

For updates during scheduling, visit the following social media channels:

  • Twitter – @MedCouncilCan
    • Be sure to include #scheduling.
  • Facebook
    • Post on our wall or send us a private message.

We actively monitor these accounts during our regular business hours.