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Date scheduling instructions

Date scheduling instructions

Centre assignments and centre dates

  • Accepted candidates can now verify the centre to which they have been assigned through their account.
  • To view your assigned centre:
    • Click on Examinations on the Home page of your account.
    • Select your current examination listed on the Examinations panel to open the Current Examination panel.
    • Review the information displayed on both panels.
  • To view the dates that your assigned centre will be running, see Dates available for centres.
  • Although the published examination dates are April 16 to 20 (week 1), April 23 to 27 (week 2), April 30 to May 4 (week 3) and May 7 to 9 (week 4), not all centres will run the entire period and some centres may run for only one or two days.
  • Once assigned to an examination centre, you are guaranteed a space at that centre; however, you must select the day you will take the examination from the days available at your assigned centre during the designated Part I Scheduling period (see below for more information).

Part I scheduling instructions –
To read prior to the start of Part I scheduling period

Please note: MCCQE Part I date scheduling cannot be done with a mobile device or tablet. Scheduling will only be successful if done through a computer.

Accepted candidates must schedule their examination date (from the dates available at their assigned centre) through their account, during the MCCQE Part I Scheduling period as indicated above.

To view and make note of the scheduling start dates and times for your assigned centre, see Date scheduling start times (all start times are Eastern Time).

Once the scheduling period begins for your assigned centre, scheduling is done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Candidates should be prepared to take the examination on any of the days their assigned centre is running.

Because the MCCQE Part I is a computer-based examination, a limited number of spaces are available each day (daily capacities vary by centre).

To schedule your examination date:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on Examinations on the left panel
  • Click on MCCQE Part I spring 2018 in the centre panel to open the Current Examination panel
  • Click on Schedule Now to open the Schedule An Examination panel
  • Click on the button next to your preferred date
  • Click on Schedule Date at the bottom right of the page to register this date
    • After you click on Schedule Date, you will not be able to change this date

For more information on scheduling tips, do’s and don’ts, click here.